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6 Effective Ways on How to Get More Story Views on Instagram 2023

Want to increase Instagram story views? The article lists 6 easy and effective ways to fix how to get more story views on Instagram 2023.

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Due to the popularity of Instagram Story among Instagram features, Instagram users spend a lot of time editing their stories to show the best and aim to get as many views as they can get. Because the more story views the post gets, the more people see the content you shared. And the content may not only be your lives, feelings, and even the promotion of the products.

How to Get More Views on Instagram Story

So,  in order to achieve your personal objectives of fame, wealth, or both, you need to increase the Instagram story views on your posts as many as you can. But how to get more story views on Instagram for free in 2023? This passage offers 6 simple but effective tactics to make it. Stay tuned.

Boost Followers to Increase Instagram Story Views Free

In your followers' Instagram feeds, your story is displayed on the top. Therefore, you will receive more views on your Instagram stories if you have more followers. Using conventional tactics to gain Instagram followers is difficult. Use the top Instagram follower app, Getins+, here to test it out. It is an Instagram likes and followers app with coins that are made to assist Instagram users in effortlessly and naturally gaining high-quality followers.

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By downloading, registering, and sharing the app, anyone can earn virtual coins. You can obtain Instagram followers with the coins without password. Simply follow other people or like other people's posts that interest you if you want to earn additional coins. Getins+ is a cost-free Instagram followers app that ensures Instagram story views and likes from genuine followers. All the followers you gain from the community occupy active and legitimate Instagram accounts. With Getins+ right now, you can get more than 1k Instagram followers as well as free Instagram story views.

Carefully Edit Videos to Increase Instagram Story Views

How can I increase Instagram Story views? Utilizing free Instagram story editing apps is the second tactic in gaining free Instagram views. With their help, you can save time, enjoy creating stories, and increase the number of Instagram story views. Why not give them a try?


Mojo is a useful program for editing and sharing eye-catching videos to increase Instagram story views. You are aware that a significant chunk of Instagram stories are videos. You may quickly and efficiently edit your video using Mojo's selection of hundreds of animated templates, various text animations, and fonts. Because vertical storytelling is popular, particularly among younger people, Mojo can also be used to create such stories.

Multiple Moji Functions to Get More Story Views on Instagram

Afterlight 2

There are 15 photo editing features in the program Afterlight 2. Users can pick from more than a hundred frames and filters. Dusty textures, light effects, chroma, and double exposure are just a few of the many possible artistic effects. This program satisfies all of your photographic needs with the addition of old film filters and dusty effect overlays. Even a basic photo can be made into a fresh one using those features in Afterlight 2 and increasing the number of Instagram Story views.

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Instagram Story Views App to Get More Instagram Story Views


Another helpful tool for organizing, previewing, and scheduling your Instagram stories in advance is Buffer. You can choose the time you want to post stories and prepare them. You don't need to worry even if you want to post several photos and videos with your tale from Buffer. Images and movies can be uploaded in bulk using this software. It is very useful for people who have hectic days and plan to prepare things ahead of time.

There are also a ton of other apps accessible. For instance, Font Candy enables you to add and modify a large number of typefaces. A tool called Foodie is made for food photography. There are numerous tools available for editing images of great cuisine. You can enhance your Instagram story views for free by using these applications to organize and edit your photographs and videos. By using these tools to alter your posts, you can significantly improve the number of Instagram views.

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Use Various Stickers to Increase Free Instagram Story Views

People on the Internet love stickers. They are visible on a variety of social media sites, including Instagram. All users can add several types of stickers to their Instagram stories. You can access the entire list of stickers by just clicking the stickers icon. In 2023, making the right stickers part of your story will increase its appeal and get more story views on Instagram.

Kinds of Stickers Used to Get More Views on Instagram Story

Simply scroll down to find a sticker type appropriate for the information in your story. If you know what kind of sticker you want to use, you may use the search box at the top to look for it.

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Create Top-Notch Content to Get Free Insta Story Views

No matter how many features and tools you have incorporated into your story, the quality of the material should always come first. Good stories, after all, will catch people's attention and make a lasting impression, which means people will view those stories for longer periods of time and may provide suggestions or comments. More engagement suggests that you can receive more free Instagram views on story.

Make sure the photographs you plan to publish are in good resolution, for instance, if you want to add numerous photos to one Instagram story. Don't post any enigmatic pictures, please. Of course, there are those murky images intended to give the impression of mist. Why? People looking at odd photographs rapidly move on from the story because they assume the poster is a new user or a terrible poster. They are willing to sacrifice their time to view your story and may even become your next follower if, however, you offer clear and outstanding photographs. Then, without any stress, your story's views will rise.

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Modify Your Story in Response to The Viewers' Suggestions

People watch your Instagram story because it has information that they are interested in. The main content you post should rely on the types of people you want to draw in, such as writers, gourmets, travelers, businesspeople, or others, as well as what your audience wants to see.

In order to draw visitors and customers, businesspeople that upload huge photographs and films introducing their items do so. Certain viewers have a tendency to pay attention to your products and may even offer recommendations or tips. Do not disregard their suggestions. They might end up being your future customers. If you take their practical advice to adjust your Instagram stories, your Instagram story will attract more viewers in the same niche.

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Post Frequently to More Views on Instagram 2023

Before offering this advice, I'd like to know if you unfollow someone after discovering that they had been silent (i.e., not posted anything) for several weeks. Most often, people follow you because they know you'll publish something amusing or to pass the time. People who follow you will assume that your Instagram account has diminished in value if you upload a story and then disappear from it for a few days or even a few weeks. They won't also view your Instagram.

However, if you keep updating your Instagram story, it will contain a variety of information that can appeal to diverse audiences. As a result, the more stories you publish, the more people will see them. Sometimes having more Instagram stories also results in viewers spending longer on your tales. So maintaining a regular posting schedule is easy, and it's also a simple way to increase Instagram story views free.

Notice: Increasing your account's popularity also requires getting free Instagram reels views. Remember to boost your actual, organic followers so that you may increase both story and reel views.

The Final Thought

A well-known feature on Instagram for sharing pictures and videos is Instagram Story. Gaining more free story views on Instagram indicates that more people have seen your stories. That's a wonderful development. In this article, we've outlined 6 simple strategies to increase Instagram story views without spending any money. These easy-to-use free story viewer hacks are open to everyone. So launch Instagram and immediately use these techniques on your story and get free Instagram followers quickly!

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