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3 Best Apps for Fake Followers on Instagram and 3 Apps for Real

Find out which app for fake followers on Instagram will earn you followers and the flaws. Also, access apps to get you free and real Instagram followers.

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Getting lots of free Instagram followers is every Instagram account owner's dream. It, however, gets serious when you want to promote a product, business or idea. The influencers already know how important it is to increase more and more Instagram followers free and fast with useful tactics. Among multiple tactics, lots of people have considered an app for fake followers on Instagram. Do you want to give it a try? 

App for Fake Followers on Instagram

This guide will highlight three apps to get fake followers on Instagram, as well as three that are known to get you, real followers on Instagram.  Keep reading to see fake Instagram followers app options and more for the real side. 

Why Find App to Get Fake Followers on Instagram?

A fake Instagram followers app helps you get IG followers faster than the common methods. Well, there is nothing wrong with using common methods, but it takes too long. If you need a brand that needs quick recognition, the best app for fake Instagram followers will gather the followers for you as you concentrate on the content updates. The same applies to those seeking to promote brands for other people and businesses. You need more followers to attract people to your advertising and make money from the views and engagement. 

Increasing IG followers with fake Instagram followers app is, however, a double-edged sword to that hence the need to exercise caution. While this will, definitely, help you get a quick boost on Instagram follows, it may also contain some seeds of risk. Given that you, after much deliberation, still want to achieve your goal of increasing your fan base first, then, let’s see the 3 best apps for fake followers on Instagram

3 Best Apps to Get Fake Followers on Instagram 

If you want fake followers on your Instagram account, here are a few apps to help you earn quick fame. 

App for Fake Followers on Instagram – Grow Social 

Grow Social is a web-based app to get fake followers on Instagram quickly. Here, you don’t need to download anything. You can start by signing up for an account and subscribing to available offers. 

Here, you can have automatic hashtags and watch rival profiles to see how they perform. It also allows you to schedule posts for your feed, stories, and reels. Other features here include the ability to edit photos before posting and scheduling DMs to attract more followers. 

As the followers come in, you can watch the progress and know what to work on to better the account. You can start with a 3-day free trial to how you can earn a free Instagram follower trial before subscription. 


  • Instant followers after signup

  • Watch the account’s progress 

  • Built-in tools to help in photo-editing 


  • The website is addressed in a foreign language 

  • It may take time to earn more followers 

How to Use Grow Social 

Step 1: Sign up for an account on Grow Social website. 

Step 2: Add your Instagram username to integrate the account. 

Step 3: Subscribe to a plan and proceed to schedule posts, stories, and reels. 

Grow Social Web App for Fake Followers on Instagram

App for Fake Followers on Instagram – StimSocial 

Another web-based app for fake followers on Instagram is StimSocial. It’s a complete platform that allows you to decide the audience you would like to target, and you can set up two profiles for that. 

Once you have everything ready, including what to post, the website will automate followers based on your choices. So, as you gain the fake followers, they will also be in line with the demographic and interests chosen while setting up. 

You also get reports and analyses of what is happening and how your account grows. So, you will know the best ways to automate more followers and increase sales and engagement. 


  • No download required 

  • Followers come in based on the chosen parameters 

  • You can analyze the performance 


  • The signup process is tedious 

  • The plans are quite expensive 

How to Use StimSocial 

Step 1: Sign up for an account via the web portal 

Step 2: Include your Instagram username. 

Step 3: Select the best plan and make the payment. 

Step 4: Setup the parameters on the dashboard, such as the audience you are targeting, among other things. Next, wait for the automated followers to join your account. 

StimSocial Web App for Fake Followers on Instagram

App for Fake Followers on Instagram – Inoqosquare 

The last app for fake followers on Instagram is Inoqosquare which offers web services and an app. If you are promoting a small business or company, this is a perfect solution for you. You can use it to manage several accounts at once. 

Apart from getting you real followers, they also offer analytics of how you and the competitors perform. The plan may be expensive, but they offer you a 14-day free trial to see how it works. 

That way, you will have a chance to set up geo locations, schedule posts, collect valuable hashtags and more. 


  • Offers web and app services 

  • You can manage more than one account 

  • Well suited for businesses 


  • Not suitable for individual accounts 

  • You may have to link to your Facebook account too 

How to Use Inoqosquare 

Step 1: Sign up via the website for a free trial account. 

Step 2: Verify your email by clicking on the sent link. 

Step 3: Fill in your details and then connect your Instagram account. 

After learning about fake Instagram followers app examples, you also need to know if they help or not. Let’s see what you should expect after joining such Instagram followers app recommendations. 

Iconosquare App for Fake Followers on Instagram

Does Getting Fake Followers on Instagram Help?

Pros of Getting Fake Followers on Instagram

  • More followers instantly: If you have an app to get fake followers on Instagram, there is a guarantee for more engagement. All you need is to keep posting and collecting the supporting information. After that, the followers will keep growing. 

  • Get analytics: In some applications, you can analyze how the account performs. We have seen a few examples above doing that. So, as the follower’s number climbs, you will get data on where to perform better or perfect. You will also know the winning areas. 

  • No need to follow organic rules: Well, if the app guides you on what to post and how to do it, you will not need to consider the organic rules. The solutions presented above, for example, have all the tools you need to get detailed analytic reports. 

Cons of Getting Fake Followers on Instagram

  • Instagram restrictions: Getting an app for fake followers on Instagram may land you in trouble. Instagram has an algorithm that detects where the followers come from and their interests. So, if nothing links the followers to your profile, you may face restrictions. 

  • Account banning: The worst-case scenario is having your account banned. If Instagram detects multiple illegal activities, such as a sudden rise in followers, you may not access your account again. That means starting again from scratch. 

  • Losing followers and engagement: Real followers on Instagram believe in authentic results. So, if they start wondering where you got 1000 followers last week, and you are not going viral, some of them will lose interest in your account and what you are promoting. 

Now that you know the benefits and dangers of investing in a fake Instagram followers app, let’s learn about the Instagram followers app alternatives to get you, real Instagram followers

3 Best Apps to Get Real Followers on Instagram 

You don’t need to dwell on an app for fake followers on Instagram when you can get real followers from recommendable solutions. Let’s see which apps you should use to avoid raising eyebrows through the fake following. 

App for Real Followers on Instagram – Getins+ 

Getins+ has been helping many to gain real followers on Instagram for a long time now. It’s an app that works on Android and iOS platforms. Using it is easy since you don’t need to make any purchases. 

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
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  • Real Followers. It works by getting you real followers using coins. Where do they come from? You get them by accomplishing simple tasks on the app. They include following other people and liking posts. That means it connects with real followers in return. 

  • Unlimited Free. Several other ways to get coins include joining the app every day and entering the lucky draw. You can also recommend the app to other friends and gain more coins in return. With earning unlimited coins, you can get unlimited free Instagram followers.

  • Multiple Choices and Safe Growth. If you need more coins instantly, you can make an in-app purchase. The followers will follow you on Instagram instantly but in small increments. So, people will not wonder where you got many followers in a short period. 

  • 100% Safe. It’s also a safe app because you get free Instagram followers without a password. You will not input your Instagram password here, which means it’s safe to use. All the information shared between your account, and the app is kept private. 


  • Free Instagram followers trial from active and real

  • Safe and secure 

  • Instant results in small increments

  • Available for Android named Getinsita+, and iOS named Getinself+. 


  • You need to earn coins first before getting the free Insta followers 

  • It may take time to get enough coins if you don’t make an in-app purchase 

How to Use Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+

Step 1: Download the Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ from the official website. Install and launch to proceed. 

Step 2: Sign up for an account. After that, log in and then add your Instagram account. 

Step 3: Once you join, there will be some free coins as a reward. To get more, join daily, complete the simple tasks, share the app and join the lucky draw. 

Daily Reward from the App for Real Followers on Instagram

Step 4: Once you have enough coins, purchase the followers you need and publish them on your account.   

Step 5: Check the task list to see how your account is fairing.

Use Coins to Get Followers and Then Check from the List

App to Get Real Followers on Instagram – InstaBox 

If you want free Instagram followers via your iPhone, then here is InstaBox to try out. It works just like the Instagram followers boost app - Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ that enables you to earn coins and exchange them for free Insta followers and likes. It’s free to use since you don’t need to pay anything to start earning followers. 

The app also connects you to followers who have active Instagram accounts. That is why it’s recommendable to those who would like followers who can engage and take necessary action. You can earn more followers by earning the coins, which may trickle in several ways. They include completing the liking and following tasks, joining every day, and sharing the app with friends. It also doesn’t ask for the password, meaning it’s safe to use. 

Once you have the followers, they appear instantly but in small increments. So, the results you get give you an organic way to gain followers. 


  • Free and instant followers 

  • Free to use 

  • Never shares your information 

  • The increment is daily, but it happens instantly 


  • You need to earn coins for a longer period before getting the followers 

How to Use InstaBox 

Step 1: Download InstaBox via the App Store. Install and launch to proceed. 

Step 2: Sign up for an account and log in using the sign-up credentials. 

Step 3: Add your Instagram account name to continue. 

Step 4: You will earn coins for joining. Doing it daily will earn you more followers. More coins are from the simple tasks you complete. You can also make a coin purchase. 

Step 5: Once enough, use them to buy followers. 

Step 6: Watch the followers as they join your account via the task list. 

InstaBox App for Real Followers on Instagram

App for Real Followers on Instagram – IG Liker 

IG Liker is a reliable Instagram followers and likes provider released by the site, which offers an Android-based app and an iOS-based app, allowing you to earn real followers on your Instagram account. It promises safe and free followers who do not harm your account. It also does not store your information. 


  • Free-to-use app 

  • Information stays private 


  • The name of the apps is not the same as the name of the site, but it does not affect functions.

How to Use IG Liker 

Step 1: Download the app and install it. After that, sign into your Instagram account. 

Step 2: Add your username on the IG Liker app. 

Step 3: Collect coins that reward for first-time login or doing coin tasks, and then request how many followers you want with your coins. That’s it! 

IG Liker for Real Followers

The Bottom Line

As you have seen, there are various ways to earn followers on Instagram. You can decide to get an app for fake followers on Instagram or get a solution that will gather the real followers for you. While you decide which one to go for, we recommend Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+as the free Instagram followers app to get you the followers you require. To be surprised, besides getting free IG followers, you can also get free Instagram views, free IG likes, free real Instagram comments, and more within this all-in-one followers app.  They are unbiased, unquestionable, safe, and worthy of displaying on your account without raising eyebrows. Get it now.

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