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Instagram followers mod APK is developed for Instagram users around the world to get unlimited coins for free Instagram followers. With it, users can easily gain free and active followers no need to increase engagement by posting, liking, commenting, and following other Instgarmers frequently. But there are so many different kinds of Instagram follower mod APK on the market, that it's easy to be confused about which one to choose in Google results. 

5 Top Follow Mod APK

You must want to find a real, safe and effective top follow mod APK but have n ways to identify which is the best option except for wasting time and money on trying. For your convenience, this page has selected 6 popular top follow mod APKs deliberately for you to choose from. Read through the review and find the one that suits you best.

TopFollow Mod APK with Unlimited Coins

What is the best top follow mod APK and how does it work? Find the answer in the following content.

#1 TopFollow Mod APK

TopFollow is the first top follow mod APK introduced here. It is released not a long time but does a great job in boosting free Instagram followers and likes. This APK adopts"give-and take" rule, asking you to follow other accounts or like their posts for coins, and then use these coins to exchange for followers and likes.

It is kind of similar to the Instagram bot, because once you click “Start”, this Instagram follow APK will auto follow and like others via your account. Then, the coins will be distributed to your account as one following for 4 coins and one like for 2 coins.

Except for doing tasks to gain coins, it also offers a daily bonus and invitation reward of coins. However, you need to finish 15 tasks in advance before getting a daily bonus.

Drawbacks of TopFollow Mod APK

Though TopFollow mod APK is quite perfect for hack Instagram followers free trial, it still has a list of disadvantages.

  • You are asked to log in with your Instagram password and pass verification.

  • It only shows icons of the accounts you need to follow, which may lead you to follow accounts you don't like.

  • There is a limit on the daily bonus for free coins.

1st Top Follow Mod APK - TopFollow

#2 Getins+ Mod APK

The second top follower mod APK unlimited coins tool is Getins+, which offers free Instagram followers and coins. Fortunately, Getins+ will give you hundreds of first login rewards and daily coins bonus without asking you to complete 15 tasks. You just need to create a new account and register with a valid email. No verification or password are required to get free Instagram followers on it.

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
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What's more, in TopFollow, you need to follow 20 accounts or 4 and then you’ll get 80 coins for 10 followers. But in Getins+, let alone 10 followers, 100 followers can be exchanged for coins that are given to you instantly. No need to follow or like quests! You can also use this app to get Instagram followers without following anyone. Of course, earning coins by following or liking tasks is also useful in Getins+. (More unlimited coin hacks will be covered in the next section.)

For your convenience, there is a step-by-step tutorial for you to take reference listed below. If you are familiar with using such applications, you can skip this section.

Step 1. 2nd top follow mod APK unlimited coins download and install it on your Android device. Of course, Getins+ provides iOS version for you too.

Step 2. Register with a new account and claim the coins reward. This top follow mod APK unlimited coins version prepares you no limit to progress to increase IG growth.

Step 3. Use Getins+ to hack free Instagram followers and likes in 2 minutes.

2nd Top Follow Mod APK – Step 3

Top Follow Hacks Unlimited Coin Hacks

How to hack unlimited coins using the top follow mod APK Getins+? The following part writes down detail tips..

Tip 1: Daily Rewards

Getins+ provides daily coins rewards from 50 to 500 with one click for 7 consecutive days for those who log into the app regularly.

Tip 2: Flip the card over

On the Getins+ app, you will have the opportunity to win a lucky draw by flipping a lucky card every day. How many coins can you get? From 100 to 69000 coins.

Tip 3: Create Multiple Accounts

Getins+ allows you to add up to 5 Instagram accounts and each share the same coins. In fact, you can create multiple accounts to get unlimited coins and use them to easily get free Instagram followers for one IG account.

Alternatives to TopFollow Mod APK

If you are not satisfied with the above recommendations, there are 4 more verified topfollow mod APK options screened out for you to choose from.

1st Top Follow Mod APK: Likulator

175,043 people have rated the app on Google Play for an overall rating of 4.7. Many users have positive reviews for the app, which is also worth your trust. The app introduces itself as an app that can popularize your profile on Instagram quickly. But please note that this app does not emphasize it can gain Instagram followers and likes for free.

4th Top Follow Mod APK - Likulator

2nd Top Follow Mod APK: Insta Followers Pro

Due to the exceptional quality of its followers and likes, Insta Followers Pro is also well-liked by numerous Instagram users. In contrast to Getins+, this app still requires you to complete the following or liking tasks in order to receive coins and the daily bonus. And the coins may also be swapped for free Instagram followers.

All of the top follow mod APK unlimited coins offer services for buying Instagram followers, but some of them, like TopFollow, only offer these services online. In order to purchase followers, you must open your browser, which may be cumbersome.

5th Top Follow Mod APK - Insta Followers Pro

3rd Top Follow Mod APK: Insfollowers App for Android

The GetInsFollowers team created the Insfollowers app for Android, which can evaluate the activity of your audiences and produce a polished report. Users can quickly understand the trend and determine the best way to raise interaction with its assistance. Before you take any further action, it also offers a lot of useful functions, such as the stick maker to make your post more appealing. If you want to improve your Instagram performance, this top follow mod APK is your best friend.

6th Top Follow Mod APK - GetInsFollowers for Android

Bonus Tips: 3 Top Follow iOS Apps

If you prefer using iOS over Android or want to suggest a useful IG tool to your pals who use iPhone, there are three other carefully chosen iOS-specific Instagram followers app to choose from except for Getins+.

#1. Followers Gallery

Instagram users seek genuine, secure followers all the time. Because of this, the iOS app Followers Gallery was created to track Instagram followers. It is committed to giving your Instagram profiles to worldwide followers who are authentic and registered. More unexpectedly, the followers you acquired through it are really active, helping you get more views, likes, and comments on your posts and articles. One Instagram follower tool is worth one.

#2. InstaBox

The InstaBox is a safer Instagram follower boost app for you to increase your Instagram following on iOS when compared to other excellent IG solutions. You never have to worry about being asked to do surveys, provide your login information, your age, your gender, or something unusual. This program continuously uses high-level data encryption to preserve your privacy during the entire process of gaining Instagram followers. This one works well for the first attempt.

#3. InsBottle

InsBottle, which is accessible on iOS and Android, will help you hack as many Instagram followers as you like, in contrast to the aforementioned tips. Thanks to it, you may perform easy activities for millions of coins. Once you have accumulated enough coins, you can quickly exchange them for free and genuine followers. How many followers you'll get for your Instagram account depends on how many coins you can earn each day. The key to endless Instagram followers is having unlimited coins. Download now to increase followers on your iPhone.

The Bottom Line

Above all, you have been presented to 5 top follow mod APK. What about these apps? Which one do you think is best suitable for you? In case you still have questions or concerns about them, Getins+ is worth mentioning again. Due to its amazing user experience and high-quality services, this APK stands out. Without performing any activities in Getins+ or the following anyone, you can hack Instagram followers fast and safely. Use our top follow mod APK unlimited coins 2022 to instantly hack free followers and likes!

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