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7 Free Instagram Stalker Apps to See Who Stalks Your Instagram

How to see who stalks your Instagram for free? Use the free Instagram stalker app to see who stalks your Instagram in easy steps.

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Who stalks your Instagram for free? Who views your Instagram stories and posts without leaving traces? Who unfollows or blocks you on Instagram without notification?

If you want to know who secretly views your Instagram, a free Instagram stalker app can fetch you notifications for all activities. This article lists 5 practical Instagram stalker apps free and 2 Insta stalker/viewer sites to help you get insights into your Instagram stalkers free.

Cover of Instagram Stalker App

These Instagram stalker tools promised you that they would never leak or log your info or password once you launched them on your phone. Therefore, you can worry less about privacy security when solving the problem: How to see who stalks your Instagram for free? 

Why Instagram Stalker App is Necessary for Checking Who Views Your Instagram Free?

To protect user privacy, Instagram doesn't allow you to see who views your profile and content. So for curiosity or account growth, the Instagram stalker app becomes the best alternative for you to find out all hidden statistics related to your Instagram.

This app will allow you to view all the statistics related to your Instagram, including profiles that have unfollowed you or are simply stalking you. Additionally, you will be able to view stories of other users even after 24 hours. If you want, you can also view their stories anonymously. In this way, you can clearly know what people are thinking and feeling about you and your content to some extent without being discovered because using the Instagram stalker app will not leave traces. 

After carefully testing, the following part selects the 5 best free Instagram stalker apps to help you find out how to see who stalks your Instagram free and save your time on screening out which Instagram stalker app is really practical. All of them are safe to use without asking for private info. Let's start to check Instagram stalkers free and see who are your IG admirers. 

#1 Profile Plus - Accurate Instagram Stalker App [Android & iOS]

How to see who stalks your Instagram free? Profile Plus is an accurate and fast Instagram stalker app for analyzing your profile. It allows you to get in-app reports and assurances to help you successfully make every follow worthwhile and achieve your goals. 

Instagram Stalker App for Android and iOS - Profile Plus

With it, you can view Instagram stalkers free those who follow you, unfollow you including those who blocked your account and who didn't block you back. You can see who has recently viewed your profile. And use this information to manage your follower requests, view and save Instagram stories, pin your favorite accounts... and more. Detailed reports on your Instagram account can be accessed at any time.

Features of Profile Plus:

  • Track followers and unfollowers. 

  • Check who has viewed your profile, and who has blocked your account.

  • View and save stories and posts.

  • View statistics for any profile.

  • Pin profiles that interest you.

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#2 InReports - Best Instagram Stalker & Analyzer App [Android & iOS]

InReports is more than a simple Instagram stalker app. It defines itself as Instagram's followers and stories analyzer. On the first page, it shows the basic information of your IG accounts such as followers, posts, likes, comments, videos, new followers, and other details like profile viewers and Insta stalkers of your stories. 

Best Instagram Stalker App for Android and iOS - InReports

Plus, this Instagram tracking app can also help you watch hidden stories. On the second page, it shows hidden stories along with your active and recent stories. And on the fourth page, it shows follower insights: top post likers, top story viewers, and ghost followers.  InReports allows you to use all features free except Profile Viewer and Story Tracker.

Features of InReports:

  • Check who is viewing your Instagram Story for free.

  • Check out new followers, ghost followers, lost followers...

  • Sneak peek at Instagram stories.

  • Download posts, profile pictures, and videos.

  • Shows the best time to share based on your Instagram activities. 

#3 FindMyStalker - Safe Instagram Stalker App [Android]

FindMyStalker is also a helpful and free Instagram stalker app that will tell you how to see who stalks your Instagram for free. It claims to be the most reliable and accurate result of Instagram analytics.

By using this Instagram tracking app you can easily find your Insta stalkers for free because it shows who are your friends, secret admirers, sneaky followers, and who views your profile or photos. Besides, once an IG stalker visits your profile, you'll be notified instantly. As an Instagram stalker app too, FindMyStalker shows your ghost followers list, inactive followers list, and the people who blocked or stopped following you.

Safe Instagram Stalker App for Android - FindMyStalker

Being interested in how to see who is observing you sneakily behind? FindMyStalker makes it possible to see who views your Instagram for free. It always offers a free version. But if you are not satisfied with the free features, you can buy FindMyStalker Premium for $2.99/week. Payment will be charged to your Google Account when you approve the purchase.

FindMyStalker Features:

  • See who surreptitiously viewed your profile and checked your photos.

  • Show analytics of the Instagram reels views, likes, and comments on photos and videos.

#4 Follower Analyzer for Instagram - Free Instagram Stalker App [Android]

Wondering "Who stalks my Instagram free?", Follower Analyzer for Instagram works as an Instagram stalker app telling you who is your content top looker and commenter. It takes insight into your profile to figure out how many followers you gain and lose as well as how many non-follow-back users are in your following list. And if you are interested in the data of others' accounts? The free Instagram stalker app can analyze their accounts and unlock their secrets easily.

Instagram Stalker Check App for Android - Stalker Reports

Features of Followers Analyzer for Instagram:

  • Track recent followers and unfollowers.

  • Check out your most viewed videos.

  • See who is frequently tagged in your posts.

  • Search for nearby posts.

  • Analyze other users' accounts. 

#5 Stalker Reports - Best Instagram Stalker Check App [Android]

Stalker Reports will real-timely detect and notify you when activity happens on your Instagram profile, such as a view, a block, and an unfollowing. It takes insight into your followers and stalks the number of followers change. Instagram stalker app -  Stalker Reports can get you to know who are your profile visitors, your secret admirers, and your loyal followers. Moreover, it can help you to download their profiles with one click.

Instagram Stalker Check App for Android - Stalker Reports

Features of Tracker Report:

  • Easily track visitors.

  • Shows follower analytics.

  • Download an Instagram profile.

  • Find out who your secret admirers are and who blocks you. 

#6 Ingramer - Free Instagram Viewer Online 

What if you want to be an Instagram stalker to see others’ posts, stories, or highlights anonymously? In general, it’s impossible to view other users' Instagram content without leaving a record. If you want to track others with no traces, how to act as an Insta stalker for free? Here, we've picked the 2 most useful Instagram stalker apps to help you make it. With them, you are able to view someone's Instagram posts, stories, IGTV or highlights anonymously.

Cover of Ingramer Secret Viewer

Not limited to a free Instagram stalker app, Ingramer also has many free tools and services, including a private Instagram viewer and an Instagram stories viewer. These 2 tools allow you to view other people's IG content without logging in. And they differ from each other because the former allows you to view Instagram posts, while the latter allows you to view Instagram posts even if you are blocked by a user. 

Features of Ingramer:

  • Watch Instagram stories anonymously.

  • Monitor up to 100 profiles.

  • Save and download Instagram stories to watch later. 

#7 Instalkr - Free Instagram Stalker & Viewer

Instalkr means Insta-Stalker which claims to be the best Instagram Story Viewer & Stalker. It allows you to anonymously view other people's likes, comments, posts, and stories online, even if they have been deleted. Without any IG account registration, no one will know that you viewed their content and profiles. What's more, you have the opportunity to get a profile report and study it carefully, which can improve your business growth.

Cover of Instalkr Instagram Stalking App

Features of Instalkr: 

  • Watch Instagram stories, and profiles anonymously.

  • Monitor your Instagram account for new subscriptions, comments, and likes.

  • Receive daily reports on changes to your targeted Instagram account.

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The Final Thought

Who can sneak a peek at my story? Who are my secret admirers? If you're curious, reeling the answer by trying one of the 7 best free Instagram stalker apps, tracker analyzers, and online Instagram viewer tools. Clearly know who your secret admirers are and you'll get more real followers and friends. Also, don't forget to boost your potential Instagram followers free to 5k, 10k, and 20k with the Instagram followers app - Getins+!

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