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How to Get Poll Votes Instagram Free - Tried & True Guide

Learn the poll votes Instagram free hacks to increase engagement. Get instant votes on your Instagram polls using recommendable methods.

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We all love to post polls on our Instagram stories. It is an amazing way to get people’s opinions on several matters. However, it also feels good to have a lot of responses on your Instagram poll votes. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get these votes with limited followers. Thus, everyone needs at least one poll votes Instagram free tool to eliminate this problem.

Poll Votes Instagram Free Hack

Today, we will share different ways to get these poll votes on your profile. The best thing is that most of these hacks require minimum effort and provide amazing results. 

So, let’s go directly to the first Instagram poll vote hack and understand how it works.

Hack 1 - Post Polls in the Instagram Reels for Votes Hack

The easiest way to get more votes on your Instagram poll is to add them to your reels. Yes, Instagram now supports polls on your reels as well. You can directly use this feature by adding the poll from the sticker’s section. After that, upload the poll as you normally do, and you will get poll interactions every time someone comes across your Instagram reels.

Poll Votes Instagram Free Hack 1

The trick here is to promote your Instagram reel and get some organic reach on your Instagram polls. Consider making your profile public to make this poll votes Instagram-free solution more effective.

Hack 2 - Share Poll Story on Other Social Media Handles

Why limit yourself to the Instagram audience when you can share your Instagram story and share it with any internet user you want? 

It is a reliable way to get more poll votes on your Instagram story by sharing it on other social media platforms. You only need to copy and paste the story link on your social media handles. This way, anyone who clicks on the link can vote on your poll and increase the numbers rapidly. 

If you want better results, share the story link by briefly describing the poll and how it is relevant to them.

Hack 3 - Make your Polls Interesting

If you have to push your polls for other people to like, it means something is missing. It should make people want to participate in the pool and share their opinion with the world. To make it possible, you need to develop better poles that interest your audience. 

The best way to do it is by understanding your audience and giving them the polls they want. Do some testing and then create a proper strategy to find relevant poll questions for them.

Hack 4 - Get More Poll Votes Instagram Free Instantly

Here comes an interesting hack that lets you get free poll votes without effort. This method includes using a free application to get free poll votes on any Instagram account. As we all know, more followers mean more poll votes and Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ is born for that reason:

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The application is Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ which is used to get free Instagram followers, likes,comments, and story views. Here’s how you can use this app:

Step 1. Download the Application

First, download the application on your smartphone from its website. You can directly download it from this link. After downloading the setup, install it on your Android or iOS smartphone by following the instructions.

Step 2. App and Account Setup

The second step is to set up the application by creating a free account. Click on the Sign Up button and enter the required details to create an account. After that, log into the same account and add the Instagram username where you want to get the poll votes.

Step 3. Get Poll Voters

You will find different services on the application. Switch to the Free Instagram followers section. Choose a certain number of followers you’d like to increase and tap Get Followers Now is alright.

Get More Poll Votes Instagram Free Instantly

You will need some coins to publish this requirement. Thus, earn some coins by daily logins, sharing the app with friends, and many other methods.

Other 6 Instagram Poll Vote Hacks

The above four methods are enough to help you get more votes on your Instagram poles. However, we did some more research to provide you with more ways to do it. Here are the other six hacks:

Hack 5 - Use Public Opinion Websites 

A poll that gets the user's attention within the first 5 seconds is most likely to get viral over those that do not interest them. That is why you must ask your audience what other people want to see.

Use online public opinion websites and find out the interests shift. Once you have the right content, create some polls and let the people’s opinions make your poll viral.

Hack 6 - Take Feedback

Opinions and feedback are the two most common factors motivating users to interact with your polls. According to research, people participate in polls when they have feedback to share and believe a poll is the best way to do it.

It is because everyone can see the results, and people can make their feedback public. That is why you should focus on getting feedback from your audience through polls for better engagements on your Instagram profile.

Hack 7 - Share Story on Forums

If you find a forum where people are divided into two groups- it is the best opportunity for you to share your poll with them. It motivates people to vote when they have a problem with this second option. 

For example, a poll that compares Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo will force the fans to vote as they do not want the other one to win. Use this psychology to see some great results.

Hack 8 - Ask Friends and Followers to Share your Poll

If your Instagram friends and followers start sharing your polls on their Instagram profiles, you can potentially reach thousands of new users without doing anything. So, find different ways to motivate your followers to share the poll on their accounts.

Although it takes some time to create authority, you will get amazing results once you understand the process. So, never miss out on this opportunity and use this Instagram poll vote hack today.

Hack 9 - Focus on Organic Growth

If you are facing issues getting poll votes on your Instagram profile, you need to work on the basics and increase your followers. For this, start posting more content and interact with your followers regularly. Once you have enough followers, you will start getting more poll votes without any outside traffic on your account.

There are many other ways to grow your account, and you can easily find useful resources.

Hack 10 - Improve Your Story Views

If you are one of those Instagram users with hundreds of thousands of followers on their Instagram account but still fail to get poll votes, you need to work on story views. The real problem is the lack of interaction between you and your audience.

You need to start interacting with them to create a new connection. After that, your audience will feel much more comfortable leaving opinions on your Instagram poll.


Getting poll votes Instagram free does not need to be a challenge. It is one of the easiest things for your audience to leave their opinion. Thus, you should always try to get more engagement through these poll votes. We shared ten different ways to do it effortlessly.

Getting Instagram poll votes free from Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ is a great solution for anyone facing these issues. So, start utilizing the poll votes Instagram free hacks and boost your growth on Instagram with free engagement on your account.

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