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5 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps: Unlock Instagram Private Accounts/Stories Free

5 best private Instagram viewer apps like IGmods for you to view private profiles, stories, etc. Unlocking accounts is not difficult. Just free and incognito!

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Instagram users share new content every day, and try their best to attract more and more attention. If you have an Instagram account, you just need to click their usernames to visit profiles and see their posts as well as followers without following, and with this method, you can get lots of new information about them.

However, have you noticed that sometimes when you want to visit an Instagram account, it shows you this is a private account. You will have to follow this account and request, waiting to be permitted, then you can visit. For solving this problem, there are the 5 best free private Instagram viewer apps to help you unlock Instagram private accounts free and visit private Instagram accounts without following.

View Private Instagram App

1. Instagram++ View Private Account Without Following

Instagram++ is a newly developed private Instagram post viewer app, which has more functions than With Instagram++, viewing private Instagram accounts won't be a problem.

Instagram++ View Private Account

You can use this app to see any Instagram profiles without following them, on top of that, they won't know who viewed their Instagram. Besides, this best Instagram viewer is safe, and it won't leak your private information, also it won't break Instagram rules, so there are no chances to ban your account while you're using this view private Instagram app. 

If you want to view private Instagram accounts to know why they can attract a lot of free Instagram followers, just visit hxtweaks to download Instagram++. is a safe website that can afford you with lots of tweaked and modded apps, Instagram++ is right here, too. The pros and cons of Instagram++ are listed below:


  • Safe to use. Instagram++ is totally safe, there is no malware or any virus while downloading and installing. No leaking of your privacy.

  • 100% Efficient. If you want to learn from other Instagram users to hack followers, just use it to visit these private Instagram accounts that have lots of followers.

  • Unlock Instagram private account free to view Instagram accounts without following. 


  • You need to download two extra apps to give the verification and then you can use this app.

2. Feedsta: Free Instagram Private Account Viewer App

Feedsta has become more and more popular ever since its launch. It is a private Instagram viewer app for android, which helps Instagram users a lot. With this Instagram private viewer app, you can view Instagram posts without following whatever the account is public or private.

Private Instagram Viewer App Like IGmods - Feedsta

Feedsta is safe, it has been tested many times, and there is no malware or virus while downloading and using it. It is not only a private Instagram viewer, it is a multifunctional app. You can use it to download private Instagram videos, or you can choose your favorite posts and save them in collections. 


  • The multi-functional app, such as viewing videos on full screen, viewing private Instagram profiles, downloading posts in maximum resolution, and so on.

  • Safe & Riskless. Feedsta has no advertising, no malware, no plug-ins, and no viruses.

  • 100% Privacy. It promises all the data about your Instagram account will not be sent through the Internet.


  • No iOS version.

  • Some functions are needed to pay.

  • No longer available on Google Play.

3. View Private Account

IGmods private Instagram is a trustworthy view private Instagram website that is favored by many Instagram users.

The Best View Private Instagram App IGmods

One of its attractive features is that it can download and store Instagram story videos. Also, there are no ads or viruses if you download this private Instagram profile viewer website from No ads will disturb you while using it. If there is someone who unfollows you, you can get a notice with IGmods.


  • Unlock Instagram private account free. With IGmods private Instagram, you can see private Instagram account without limits,

  • Easy to use. You just need to download it from, enter the Instagram username, and then you can get the private profile pictures or something else.

  • 24/7 customer service. IGmods provides customer service, if you have any questions, just contact the service.


  • No app or APK.

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4. Instagram ReVAMPED: The Best Instagram Private Viewer Like IGmods

Through great efforts, The team created this free private Instagram viewer app named Instagram ReVAMPED. It is available for iOS and Android. The team takes advantage of one loophole of Instagram's algorithm and it didn't have any violation of Instagram rules. 

This view private Instagram app can be used by many Instagram users to view private Instagram accounts from all over the world. It's totally safe and free. You just need to download this app, and it is just like a plug-in and won't show on your screen, and then you need to do some tasks to give the verification, and then you can view private Instagram accounts on Instagram.


  • Easy to Use. You just need to download this app and do some tasks, then you can visit the private Instagram account on Instagram.

  • Safe & Free. Totally safe and obey Instagram rules. No ads in this app.

  • 100% Efficient. You can view private Instagram totally.

  • Available for Android and iOS.


  • You need to do some tasks to verify, maybe it will take you lots of time.

5. LikeCreeper: Private Instagram Viewer Website

LikeCreeper is a legal and safe view private Instagram viewer that is used to view private Instagram accounts without following. You just need to enter the Instagram username and then click 'view profile' to visit a private Instagram account without following. 

Unlockprivate App Like IGmods - LikeCreeper

Besides, if you like some photos while looking through their Instagram posts, you can download Instagram photos directly. With LikeCreeper, generating new ideas and giving creative posts on Instagram will be an easy thing. LikeCreeper can help you enrich your Instagram posts indirectly to get free Instagram followers.


  • 100% legal & safe. Thanks to some bugs in the Instagram system, the team of LikeCreeper created these tools, so you can view all the Instagram accounts and pictures without any hesitation. 

  • Easy to use. You just need 3 steps and then you can see the private accounts.


  • You have to visit specific websites to verify you are not a robot.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, there are 5 best private Instagram viewer apps like IGmods. You can choose one of them to unlock your Instagram private account free and view private Instagram accounts. Also, if you want to get unlimited free Instagram followers, besides visiting their accounts to learn how to post attractive captions and pictures, the more important thing is to find an app like Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ to help you. In the fierce competition on Instagram, you should combine tools and tricks. So, get this free Instagram followers app to boost your followers count now! 

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