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5+ Best Instagram Story Viewers Hacks in 2023

Use the top Instagram Story viewers hacks to reach more reach. Best hacks to check your viewers or see Instagram Stories anonymously are also offered

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Instagram Stories gives people more freedom to share content, by adding multiple photos or videos with stylish words and hashtags to their Stories. More and more brands and content creators began to use Instagram Stories as their main approach for sharing daily moments, showcasing talent, promoting products, etc.

It is important to grow Instagram Story Viewers and know your viewers if you want to get ahead of the competition with Instagram Stories. Fortunately, there are some Instagram Story Viewers hacks that are greatly helpful for these demands. And the following are 5+ good ways you can go.

Instagram Story Views Increase Hacks

5 Instagram Story Viewers Hacks to Get More Views

More Instagram Story viewers represent your popularity, influence, and success in marketing. What is the best Instagram Story view hack? If you want to make a successful Instagram Stories campaign, you can follow these Instagram Story views increase hacks. These methods are applicable if you want to increase Instagram Reels views.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack 1 - Use IGtools for Story Views

The FRIST Instagram Story viewers hack is to use IG tools to get Instagram Story views. It is shown on Instagram that more followers always mean more Story views. So getting more followers are one method that allows you to hack free Instagram Story views. After all, your followers are more likely to choose to view your Instagram Stories. Besides, if you set your Instagram account to private, only your followers can view your Stories. Then you must try the best Instagram follower app, Getins+. It allows you to get 10k Instagram Story views or unlimitedly. Getins+ is well known for its mobile versions - Getinsita+ for Android and Getinself+ for iOS. Download the right version for your mobile phone:

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See more features of this Instagram Story viewers hack app:

100% Free to use: Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+G is a coin-based Instagram growth tool. You can get hundreds of coins by doing simple tasks, such as following others, liking others’ posts, and opening the lucky box. After several taps on your smartphones, you have earned plenty of coins. Then you can use these coins for free Instagram followers.

Real IG Growth: Instagram followers you get from Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ are not fake or bot followers in any way. Instead, they are real and active users. They would view your Instagram posts and contribute to engagement on your pages.

Multiple Services: Designed as an ultimate solution to Instagram growth, Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ helps you get not only Instagram followers and views, but also increase free Instagram likes and boost instant comments.

Safe to Use: Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ is developed by an experienced team. It is 100% clean and safe. You can get Instagram views with no password or human verification. So your account will not be at risk of being banned or compromised for breaking the terms and policy of Instagram.

Mobile-Friendly: Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ is compatible with Android and iOS, so you can handily download it as long as you want to have a try. It is the best mobile app to grow Instagram accounts. The interface of GetInsita is user-friendly. Once you have used it, you’ll like it.

How to Use Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+?

Step 1. Download the App on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Create a free account on Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+. Log in and add your Instagram username.

Step 3. Do app tasks to get coins and then order Instagram followers with coins.

Increase Your Followers and Likes via GetInsta

Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ works as a nice Instagram followers app, as well. Follow the same steps to grow your Instagram following.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack 2 - Edit Photos and Videos Before Sharing

Instagram Stories are made of multiple photos in quick succession. You can also post a video on Instagram Stories. Creative and vivid Instagram Stories content is more likely to attract the audience, and proper editing can make your sharing more unique, attractive, or interesting. For example, you can add effects & filters to your Instagram Story. Making edits won’t take you much time as it can be done within Instagram Story. With the built-in editing tool, you can use AR filters, kinds of templates, colors, etc.

Editing features are one of the useful elements that Instagram Story can attract so many users, which also makes it a useful Instagram Story viewer hack. If you are doing business, you need these features more because they can make your displayed products stand out on Instagram Story for a better visual and interactive effect.

Edit Before Sharing

Stickers, hashtags, filters... all of them make Instagram Story creative and interactive. Users can get a new experience on it and feel satisfied. These features are so powerful and useful that you have no reason to skip them.

Of course, If you have enough time and patience, you can use third-party editing tools with more animated templates, text animations, and curated music tracks, to make your photos or videos look extremely pleasing to the eye.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack 3 - Post Instagram Story Constantly

The third Instagram Story viewers hack in 2023 is to follow a constant posting schedule. You need to know the fact that your Instagram Story will disappear after 24 hours unless you add it as a highlight. Besides, your Instagram Story is shown at the top of the home page next to your profile logo. The most recent Stories are shown closer to the profile logo. People appreciate or like your Stories after they have a chance to view them. So posting Instagram Stories constantly or adding them as Highlights is one of the important Instagram Story hacks. In this way, your Stories are more likely to reach a wider audience, thus your Instagram Story views increase free.

Post Instagram Story Constantly

Instagram Story Viewers Hack 4 - Share Questions to Get Users Involved

Questions are one of the wise hacks to get more viewers involved in your post and increase engagement. You need to know what questions are most asked, and what questions are most concerning. That needs time and energy. But question stickers on Instagram show you a fast way to know questions to which others want to get answers.

Alt: Share Questions to Get Instagram Story Views

How to do that? Tap the question sticker and choose a color and location of it. People could see the stick with the words “Ask me a question” and tap it to write their questions. On the one hand, asking questions make them feel that they are involved in your posts, which increases the possibility to view your other Stories next rather than skipping to another users’ Stories. On the other hand, you can view users who respond to your question sticker by swiping up on the Instagram story. Try to convert these viewers and fans.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack 5 - Schedule Stories Ahead of Time

Sometimes, your time is not enough to create a wonderful story on Instagram. Thus your post is rough and gains the least Story viewers. How to change the situation? Scheduling Stories in advance is a good Insta view hack to save time and present fantastic content. You just need to edit the photo or video you are going to share on Instagram Story when you’re in leisure and set a proper time to post. That’s done. You can choose the best time to post, not the time when you finish editing the content.

A third-party app is necessary to assist you, and you can try the popular Buffer toolkit to work it out. Buffer is a multifunctional app that enables you to plan, preview, and schedule your Instagram Stories in advance easily. Here is how you can schedule Stories in advance to hack more Instagram Story viewers.

Schedule Instagram Stories for More Views

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Open the Stories tab and tap Add to Story to create a Story.

Step 2. Upload images or videos and edit them to your heart’s content.

Step 3. Preview and schedule your Instagram Story by choosing the day and time to post.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack: How to See Your Instagram Story Viewers

All people are interested in who viewed their Instagram Stories after posting for different reasons. You may want to know your audience better or find out whether the person you care about watched your Story. Instagram makes it available for account owners to check out the Story views. Here is how you can find your Instagram Story viewers.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack for Checking Views

Step 1. Tap your profile picture and go into your latest Instagram Story.

Step 2. Swipe up, and you will see a view icon that shows how many views your Story has got.

Step 3. Scroll down to see who these viewers are.

Tips. Each Instagram Story lasts 24 hours on your public profile, but you can still check Instagram Stories’ views after posting within 48 hours. For these old Instagram Stories, follow the steps to check the views:

Tap the three-line icon on the top left corner of your Instagram app, go to Archive, go into the Story, and scroll down to see details.

Instagram Story Viewers Hack: How to See Others’ Stories Anonymously

Another common case where you want to get an Instagram Story view hack is creeping on someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing. This part gets such demands covered, with three proven tricks:

1. Turn on the airplane mode

Open the Instagram app, and preload the IG Story you want to watch; then enable the airplane mode on your phone and play the Story. After the anonymous viewing, please close the app completely beforehand if you need to connect to the Internet.

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers

2. Use an Instagram Story Viewer

Some websites work as Instagram Story views hack online, by offering anonymous ways to watch Instagram Stories. InstaStories, Storiesdown, and Anon IG Viewer are popular options.

3. Use a Different Account

If you own multiple Instagram accounts, you may switch to an account that isn’t known by the person, to proceed with your stalking activity. Meanwhile, you’d better be careful to avoid any identifiable information on this account.

The Bottom Line

Instagram Story is a special and powerful way to share or receive information. More Instagram Story viewers mean more popularity & profits. Besides getting an overview of your viewers or becoming an unknown viewer to others, it is more advisable to boost the increase in your Instagram Stories views. We have provided the 5+ useful and practical Instagram Story viewers hacks. With these hacks, you can make use of the Instagram Story feature like a Pro. Starting with Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+, it’s time to try these Instagram Story hacks in 2023 to improve your Instagram Story experience!

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