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50 Free Instagram Likes Daily Increase to Boost Your Instagram Performance

Increasing free Instagram likes daily is all in this blog. 50 free Instagram likes trials or 100 for every new post you publish! Check how to get them inside now!

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During the pandemic, why do you need free Instagram likes daily? In fact, after the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have to stay at home and spend more time on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Yes, it is one big chance to boost your Instagram. Getting Instagram likes is one way, you should take advantage of this chance to get more and more free Instagram likes daily.

Free Instagram Likes Daily

A study found that the cumulative daily likes of Instagram posts increased 76% in the last few weeks. The research also showed a 22% increase in Instagram campaign impressions from the Q4 of 2019 to the Q1 of 2022. It is the best time to get unlimited free IG likes without any survey and hashtags. The article shows how to get 50 free Instagram likes up to free 1000 likes Instagram trial 2022.

Try Free Instagram Likes Daily with SocialShaft

When you are trying to find the best place to get free Instagram likes daily, SocialShaft can be your choice in the Google result. is an online Instagram service that offers you IG likes, views, followers and comments support, within which the 50 free Instagram likes are absolutely a bonus for you.

Here is the step to conduct 50 free Instagram likes hack on Social Shaft:

Step 1. Enter and choose the Likes service.

Step 2. Choose the 50 Free Likes package and tap Try Now.

Step 3. Enter your IG username.

Step 4. Choose the target post and enter your email. (In fact and indeed, Social Shaft can’t fetch your post feed preview.)

Step 5. Wait for 50 seconds, and confirm your order in your Inbox.

That’s it, and indeed, you can get 50 free Instagram likes from SocialShaft, but some bugs exist.

  • Cumbersome Steps: You have to wait 50 seconds to activate your order; have to confirm the free order in your inbox; have to accept that SocialShaft creates an account automatically after your first order; have to wait for 5-30 minutes to receive your likes.

  • Poor Privacy: SocialShaft will collect your Email address and send login credentials created for you without authorization.

  • Bot Likes: The following pic is the likes that are offered by, obviously, judging from the username in the likes list, possibly fake likes you will get even on its 50 free Instagram likes trial.

  • One Trial Only: Daily, you can only have the 50 free Instagram likes trial on

So, if you are looking forward to getting 1000 likes on Instagram with SocialShaft, you can forget it now.

Get Free Instagram Likes Hack with Getins+ - INSTANT, REAL & SAFE

There are many ways to get 50 Instagram likes free daily or get a free 1000 likes Instagram trial within 24 hours, but even during COVID-19 when social media was heavily used, it's hard to get such a lot of real likes in one day, at least, SocialShaft is unworkable. So, is there any effective and safe alternative tool that can help users get many Instagram likes free with less effort in a short time? The answer is sure.

You can try using Getins+, which is different from the social shaft and enables users to get 50 free Instagram likes daily, and increase more than 1K likes on Instagram for free every 24 hrs. Now, let’s briefly explain why we chose this best 50 free Instagram likes app other than free likes by SocialShaft. After that, you will understand why Getins+ is better than it in the content below.

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
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100% Safety & Privacy

Compared with SocialShaft online, Getins+ is available on Android and iOS. Designed to help users get free Instagram likes no human verification, Getins+ gets high recognition among many Instagram users. It is developed by a professional and experienced team, which promises there isn't any virus or malware existing in the app. Also, Getins+ won't ask for your private data. When processing your order, your username is enough and won’t be shared. What’s more, you don’t need to provide your password. Thus, to buy Instagram auto likes on the website is sure to be safe as well.

Totally Real IG Likes Delivered in a Reasonable Time

All Instagram users in the Getins+ are totally real and active. Once you publish tasks to get Instagram likes, users will see your Instagram posts in the task pool, if they are interested in your posts, they will give Instagram likes to your posts. Also, all the Instagram likes you get will be sent to your Instagram posts in a reasonable time. In this way, you can do organic Instagram followers hack for free.

Get Unlimited Free Instagram Likes & Followers at No Cost

There is no need to spend your money on buying Insta likes or followers. What you need are the coins. By simply doing the tasks in the app, you can earn lots of coins to get 50 free Instagram followers instantly or gain 1000+ free Instagram likes trials daily. Of course, you can buy auto Instagram followers or likes if you have the budget.

24/7 Service and Support

If you have any questions about the product or how to get 50 free Instagram likes daily, you can always contact their customer service team at any time. You will get a satisfactory answer in time.

Steps on How to Get Free Instagram Likes Daily: 50 and 1,00 or More

Here takes the Android version as an example. If you only have an Apple device, don't worry, because Getins+ is very easy to use and the steps vary a little for each version.

Step 1. Free download and install the app on your Android or iOS device. Getins+ has 2 versions, one is called Getinself for iOS, another is called Getinsita+ for Android.

Step 2. Sign up for a free GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ account in the App and log in. Then, you will get some coins, which can be directly used to get free Instagram likes daily and free Instagram followers.

Step 3. Add one or more Instagram accounts to the app. Choose one account to like others’ posts or follow others so that you can earn more coins for free.

For example, you can get 1000 coins if you follow 10 users. When you make enough coins, just use them to hack 1000 likes for Instagram or more every day.

Getins+ Get Instagram Likes Daily

By doing the tasks, you can get unlimited free daily Instagram likes, as well as free Instagram followers daily with this Instagram followers app. Luckily, you can also get Instagram likes without doing coin tasks. Just check this guide and then directly buy Instagram daily likes up to 1000 from GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ without following others.

Getting 50 Free Instagram Likes Daily - Top 7 Benefits

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for people. With the popularity of Instagram, users have started to make money on Instagram. In fact, the celebrity earns more than you might think. For example, Kylie Jenner reportedly earns $1 million per Instagram post. Doesn't that sound crazy?

Generally, becoming popular and earning a lot of money on Instagram has been a dream for many people. However, how can you make it? We suggest you get up to 1000+ free IG likes every day. Let’s see the 7 benefits of getting 50 free Instagram likes daily.

  • Increase your Instagram account’s worth

  • Improve the activity for your account

  • Gain quick popularity on Instagram

  • Boost your sales on Instagram at the best

  • Get your total number of visits increased

  • Boost your impression in the eyes of the public

  • Gain credibility

The Bottom Line

During the outbreak, our team tried the two methods mentioned above to get 50 Instagram likes free. Unless your account's fan base and interactions are already good, it's hard to grow your likes more than tenfold with the second approach. To quickly get 1000 free Instagram likes daily, unlike likes provided by Social Shaft, the first method is recommended as it guarantees you get unlimited real and free likes on Instagram in one day. Try GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ to get 50 free Instagram likes daily at least. 

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