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What Happened to IGTools Views & Can I Still Get IGTools Views?

Check here to get IGTools views 1000 Reels, and Instagram Story views. Boost your video performance on IG comprehensively! More views to come.

Kevin > Updated was one of the biggest and most famous Instagram promotion service providers. Among all the services it provides, IGTools views are the most prominent. This site offers Instagram Reels views, and Instagram stories views up to 1000. 

IGTools Views Shutdown

While recently, this site didn’t work anymore, and posted a notice which said that IGTools & IGPanel are closed permanently. What sad news to users who have bought its views or haven’t received views from this site yet. Users cannot get views from this website anymore. 

2 IGTools Views Alternatives to Increase Views Permanently

Since views went down, users like you need a new tool for increasing views. This blog prepares you with 2 powerful alternatives to IGTools that can offer you better services. They are Take-Top and Getins+ respectively. Learn about these 2 tools below:

#1 Take-Top: Get IGTools Views 1000

Take-Top offers 100 free Instagram views and buying Instagram views service. Let’s talk about the free service first. Open the website of Take-Top, you can see the free Instagram promotion page with 10 Instagram followers, 25 Instagram likes, and 100 Instagram views. You can get one of them or all of them at the same time. Just click or tap the Create Oder will be fine. Then you need to enter a valid e-mail address and an Instagram account. Last, select the video you need to increase views will be all. All the videos that will appear in your profile can be chosen to get views. 

100 Take Top Free Instagram Views

Last here’s one thing to mention, Take-Top free Instagram promotion is not available for a whole day, you need to get the free offer as soon as possible before it becomes “Coming soon”.

Details of Take-Top free Instagram views can be listed below:

  • Instant delivery

  • Completely free offer

  • Without registration

  • Available every 24 hours

Then more views can be bought from Take-Top, and plans from 1,000 to 1,000,000 views are available. Price also varies from $1.10 to $499.90. You can select an appropriate plan for yourself.

#2 Getins+: Boost IGTools Views 1000 Reels

This app can help you increase Instagram views in a natural way. Doubt it? Check the content below to see how: Getins+ get your content more views and likes by letting more people watch them. Usually by ways like increasing your video likes and followers count. Here are the details:

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Increase video likes for more exposure and views

More likes of a video mean more viewers you can reach. Videos can also have higher chances to appear in the feed of people around you and on the Explore pages. And Getins+ can help you with that and offer free video likes from 50 to 1000! You just need to select the Reels or any other video you want to increase views and then tap “Get Likes Now” is alright. 

Get Free Instagram Likes

Increase followers count to get more audience

Getins+ also offers free Instagram followers to you. More followers mean more viewers and your views count increase could be much faster and more persistent than ever before because these followers can help with the views every time you post a video while buying or getting free views is a one-time method. Your Instagram video performance can reach a new level as long as you keep getting followers from Getins+.

After learning about how can Getins+ help you, then let’s see how to use this app for free likes and followers.

Step 1. Download and install the app.

Getins+ has two versions: one is for Android called Getinsita+ and another is for iOS called Getinself+.

Step 2. Sign up and claim coins for free likes and followers.


Get Coins for Free Likes and Followers

Step 3. Add your Instagram account for choosing videos to increase likes.

Step 4. Get likes for videos and followers for your account.

Only 4 steps can boost your Instagram Reels views to 1000! Try the app now!

The Bottom Line

All the content about IGTools views and 2 alternatives of IGTools have been presented to you above. The shutdown of IGTools allows its competitors like Take-Top and Getins+. They all offer better views, likes, and followers service to you and are worthwhile to try. Last but not the least, Getins+ is eligible to be mentioned here again. This app has outstanding likes and followers for boosting your video views. Just download and enjoy the views count surging now! 

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