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7 Best Instagram Spy Apps for Tracking Instagram DMS & All Activities

Are you looking for an Instagram spy app to monitor kids’ activities? Check out these 7 apps to monitor any device.

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Using an Instagram spy app is one of the easiest ways to track someone’s Instagram DMs remotely. If you are looking to monitor your friends' Instagram activities, this article is for you.

Best Instagram Spy App

In this article, we will share with you the 7 best Instagram spy apps that will allow you to get into anyone’s Instagram secretly. We will also share how you can select the best Instagram spy app without compromising the account security of your loved ones.

So, let’s begin by understanding what the Instagram spying app can do.

What Is Instagram Spy App?

Instagram spy app is a mobile application that lets you monitor someone’s Instagram activities without touching their smartphone. Every application has something unique to offer but you will always find some common features like tracking DMs, viewing stories, etc.

What is An Instagram Spy App

7 Best Instagram Spy Apps for 2023

Anyone who wants to monitor their kid’s Instagram activities can use spy apps for easy access. However, there’s always an installation process that you must understand to make it work. Another challenge is to find the best Instagram spy app that is safe for your kids. So we put together a list of the best spy on Instagram apps for you. Here are the reviews of the 7 best Instagram spy apps that you can use in 2023.

1. eyeZy - All-in-one Instagram Spy App

eyeZy is one of the most powerful Instagram monitoring applications you will ever come across. It lets you check someone’s Instagram account without letting them know. The best part about the app is its 24/7 monitoring feature that records everything even when you are not online. It is a paid application that costs you as little as $1 a day.

eyeZy Instagram Spy App

Main Features:

  • AI-based Updates: You will receive a notification when the person does something on the Instagram application

  • Keystroke Capture: Read everything people type on the smartphone even if they delete it afterward.

  • Social Spotlight: Let you check all the social media accounts of the person.


  • Easy to Install

  • Affordable

  • Private


  • Requires access to the smartphone

2. mSpy - Instagram Activities Spying App

mSpy is a proper phone monitoring application that goes beyond Instagram and all social media applications. The tool is designed to help you track someone’s activities remotely. As a paid tool, mSpy comes with various membership plans depending on the features you need.

mSpy Instagram Spy App


  • Check DMs: The first and the most important feature of the app lets you track the DMs of the targeted Instagram account.

  • Keylogger: It records all the keystrokes made by the person and lets you check all the messages, passwords, and other texts.


  • The complete phone monitoring solution

  • Best for kids

  • Easy to use


  • No free version is available

3. Spyzie - Popular Instagram Spy Mobile App

Spyzie is one of the most famous names in the phone monitoring industry. It is used by millions of users to keep track of their loved ones. Like other spy apps, it lets you check all the mobile activities by connecting the targeted device with your Spyzie account. If you want to track an iPhone, you can use the Instagram spy app without targeting the phone. The app comes with different subscriptions and the most common is $10/month/smartphone.

Spyzie Instagram Spy App


  • Location Tracking: The app lets you track the location of the person without letting them know.

  • Messaging Spy: You can track all the social media messages of the targeted device with this feature.


  • Affordable

  • Remote solution for iOS

  • Safe to use


  • No free version is available

4. uMobix - Advanced Instagram Spy App

If you are looking for something that can do more than tracking just Instagram, uMobix is the best app for you. It has every phone monitoring tool you expect from an Instagram spy app. It is a premium application and you can choose the subscription according to your requirements.

uMobix Instagram Spy App


  • Check Instagram messages: You can monitor your friend’s Instagram messages with this application.

  • Browser History Checker: This feature lets you check the browsing history of the targeted smartphone.


  • Works with both Android and iOS devices

  • Affordable than most Instagram spy tools you find online

  • Safe and private


  • Lengthy installation process

5. Cocospy - Reliable Instagram Spy App

A free Instagram spy app requires you to root the smartphone to use the phone monitoring feature. However, Cocospy is a perfect example that lets you use every feature even if the targeted phone is not rooted. Thus, you can go for Cocospy if you do not want to worry about rooting the targeted smartphone. Cocospy’s subscription costs around $10/month for Android users.

Cocospy Instagram Spy App


  • Social Media Tracker: This feature lets you track all the social media accounts logged in on the targeted smartphone.

  • Smart Keylogger: The keylogger offered by Cocospy is much more advanced and lets you filter all the keystrokes to know where they were typed.


  • Trusted by millions

  • Smart keylogger

  • Easy updates


  • Need iCloud credentials for iPhone monitoring

6. FlexiSPY: Powerful Instagram Spy App

FlexiSPY is a proper parental control application that allows parents to keep track of their kid’s activities. It is for those parents who are worried about their kid’s online presence. FlexiSPY isn’t a free Instagram spy app as other options on the list. You need to choose from the monthly and yearly subscriptions to use this app.

FlexiSPY Instagram Spy App


  • Record Phone calls: The app lets you record the phone calls of the targeted device.

  • Live Recording: You can access the smartphone mic anytime and use it to hear what’s happening around your kid.


  • Remote installation

  • Free alerts

  • Advanced keylogger


  • Expensive

7. Hoverwatch- Instagram Spy App for All Systems

Hoverwatch is a premium application that lets you track smartphone activities remotely. It offers solutions for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. So, you can get this complete solution to target any device you want. The subscription costs $24/ month.

Hoverwatch Instagram Spy App


  • Save Contacts: You can browse and save all the contacts of the targeted smartphone.

  • Read Messages: Check and read all the messages from all the social media applications installed on the device.


  • Works on Windows as well

  • Take screenshots

  • Shows real-time data


  • No exciting features for Instagram specifically

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Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram Spy Apps

Here are some of the most common questions people have regarding Instagram spy apps:

Is it legit to use Instagram spy apps?

Instagram does not approve of using spy apps and you can face some legal issues for doing it. However, you can use legal applications that work with the privacy policy of the application.

Can You find it if someone is spying on your Instagram account?

Yes, you can check if someone is spying on your Instagram account through the account activity feature. It will show you all the actions taken on your Instagram account. Similarly, you can check the login history to learn more about it.

How to Spy on Instagram DM?

Several tools above let you monitor someone’s Instagram activities. Using such tools is the easiest way to spy on someone’s Instagram DMs online.

Which Instagram spy tool should I choose?

All these Instagram spy apps provide most Instagram tracking and monitoring features you may need. Thus, price and particular demands are the main aspects you should consider when choosing from them. With no regard to the price, however, eyeZy and mSpy are the most choices among people.

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The Bottom Line

You can pick up the best Instagram spy app by having clear requirements in your mind. If you need an application that provides all the insights with clear data, you can not find a better option than eyeZy. It is offering everything that a person needs to get Instagram insights in a new improved way.

However, if you need an application that gives you Instagram followers free trials and even unlimited users, Getins+ is the right application for you. It is trusted by millions of users to get instant reach on Instagram accounts.

You can spy on any account with the right Instagram spy app and get some quick followers simultaneously with the combination of these applications.

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