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4 Best Instagram Followers Tools for Growing, Tracking, and Analysis 2023

Download the best Instagram followers tool recommendations to help you grow, track, and analyze how your account is performing.

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Social platforms are facing growth and development that allows them to change based on modern wants. Instagram is one of them, and it started as a single platform to enable photo and video sharing. 

Today, you need an Instagram followers tool to help you boost engagement, increase followers, and analyze how your account is performing. That means there are supporting tools that work hand-in-hand with Instagram. 

4 Best Instagram Followers Tools for Growing, Tracking, Analysis

The problem is that you cannot pick just any Instagram following tool. There are a lot of scammers out there, and you don’t know their intention until you fall into their trap. That is why we will share the four best tools to help you increase and focus on your account’s growth. You will also get the best options to help you analyze and track the performance. 

Part 1: Instagram Followers Tool for Growing 

Let’s start with the Instagram tool for followers before we go to how you can track and analyze the account’s performance. If you are having trouble hitting the influencers' followers mark, you have some work to do. 

You can, however, make it easy by incorporating the apps we recommend below. So, as you research writing the best captions and taking quality videos, the solutions below will fetch the followers you need to thank your efforts and contribute. 

Instagram Followers Tool for Auto Followers – Getins+ (Android & iOS)

Getins+ is the best tool to grow Instagram followers, for free. You can also buy them if you need to, but we will get to that as we proceed. What makes this tool the best is how it performs when getting you the followers and the likes too. 

It works on Android (called Getinsita+) and iOS (called Getinself+); you only need to download it to start. The app is always secure with information regarding where you got the followers. No one will know that you are using an Instagram tool for free Instagram followers to boost the numbers. 

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As you continue to use it, you will realize the following:

  • Real and active followers: Getins+ will connect you with followers from active Instagram accounts. There are users behind these accounts, meaning you’ll not be faking it as the following increases. 

  • Gaining free followers: The followers are free. Getting them requires you to earn coins from the simple tasks displayed on the app. The coins can later help you acquire the followers you need for your account. 

  • Get the followers instantly: Once you purchase them, they will start showing up on your account immediately. The increment will, however, be slow to keep it organic. If you got 50 followers, they will not appear instantly, but the increment will begin as soon as you purchase. 

  • Ease to use: It’s just a matter of downloading and using the app. Everything is self-explanatory on the screen; you don’t need your account’s password to include it. Completing tasks only needs you to click through and get the coins that will convert to followers. 

How to Use Getins+ Instagram Followers Tool 

If you want to start Instagram followers free trial to boost on your Instagram account, here are the steps to help you get through. 

Step 1: Download the Instagram follower growth tool on Android or iOS. Proceed to install and launch the Instagram followers vip tool. 

Step 2: Sign up for an account and then log in. Add your Instagram account to proceed. You can add up to five of them, and you don’t need the account’s password.

Add Your Account on Instagram Followers Tool

Step 3: Once you are in, there is a coin reward. Joining every day will also earn you more coins. Keep earning more by liking the posts displayed and following other accounts in the simple tasks you have to complete. 

Join Daily and Complete Simple Tasks on Getins+ Instagram Followers Tool

Step 4: Use the coins to buy the followers you need. You can make an in-app purchase using cash if they are not enough. 

Get More Coins from the Instagram Followers Tool

Tips: You can earn more coins by joining the app daily, entering the lucky draw, and recommending the app to friends to exchange followers.  After that, watch the followers as they join your account via the task list.

Watch Followers Growth on the Instagram Followers Tool

Instagram Followers Tool for Pods – Mutual Support Community (Social)

We have seen one of the best Instagram following tools to help you boost your followers. If you still want more avenues to get more, you can look at the Instagram followers pods. Is it a new term to you? Don’t worry because we are going to explain what the pods are. 

What are Instagram Followers' Pods?

This is simply a group of users who join or form online groups to help in boosting followers in their accounts. What happens mostly in such accounts is that you can post your account or a post you need to boost. 

After that, the group members will participate by liking, commenting, and following. Your followers depend on the number of members willing to do it and how many participants are in the group. 

Using Pods as Instagram Followers Tool

Some pods have thousands of followers, while others are just a few hundreds. If you get into one with many followers, the boost is more, but it’s also unrealistic. That is why Instagram may notice and impose its limitations. 

Those with fewer members are hard to join, but the quality and effort are way better. So, you can search for one if you are aiming for good returns in the long run. 

How Do The Instagram Followers' Pods Work?

You are chasing more followers, which also gets you more engagement. So, what you aim at is timely engagement, which is why these pods are created in the first place. 

People are also chasing appearing on the Explore page, although each pod has its own rules. In some pods, you may have to respect the timeline after the drop, and the messages you send should be business only.  

Instagram has, however, made it difficult for people to engage with others. The algorithm is based on your likes, past behavior, and the users you engage with every time you use your account. 

Most pods are niche related to helping you engage with others in your area of specialization to counter that. 

How to Find Instagram Followers Pods?

You can search on the internet for Instagram pods that relate to your niche. You will likely get websites with lists of groups you can join using various social channels. Most groups are on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 

You need to be careful, though, with the groups you join. Not all of them will mean well for your account. You can check out the Instagram followers app, Getins+ and the options discussed below if you want the safer route.

Part 2: Instagram Followers Tool for Tracking 

More Instagram follower boost apps involve Chrome extensions. One that will get you results is the InsExport which is easy to install on your Chrome browser. The main job here is to export followers into a CSV file, and you can use them to follow other accounts. 

InsExport Instagram Followers Tool

You have to use your Google account or email to join. It needs to be the one you used to log into Instagram, and then you’ll have to log into Instagram by providing your username. After that, you can export followers or following. It depends on what you need at the moment. 

The application claims to protect your data by processing everything on your computer. So, there may be a reason to trust it. 

Pros and Cons of Using InsExport 

This Instagram follow tool will help you easily export followers from different accounts. The problem is that it’s easy for Instagram to detect if there is a sudden rise without ample activity. 

You have to log in all the time, depending on whether your Chrome is up-to-date and the security protocols on your account. You can depend on InsExport if you need new subscribers or followers for your brand. On the other hand, you have to be careful with the following pattern.

Part 3: Instagram Followers Tool for Analyzing 

As you gain more followers from dedicated Instagram tools, you also need something to help you analyze the performance. You can rely on Instagram activity insights, but dependable tools can give you more. 

InsReports+ is one of them. 

Helper Tools for Instagram Followers – InsReports+ (iOS)

InsReports+ Tool to Analyze Following from the Instagram Followers Tool

While using the Instagram following tool, InsReport+ can show you how your account is performing and which areas to improve. It has some cool features which involve the following:

  • Tracking Instagram followers: You will get insights on who follows you and the areas they have liked and commented on. You will also witness the growth trend for the last 1 month, three months, and so on. 

  • Posts insights: You will also view the most likes and commented posts. The least liked and commented analysis would also be there. 

  • Analyzing the story views: InsReports+ will get you the stories with the most views and the ones with the least views. You can also learn about the viewers who haven’t followed you and those who unfollow you. 

  • Popular hashtags suggestions: Hashtags are essential if you want your Instagram to grow. This analyzing tool will give you the popular hashtags to use in your niche to get more followers and engagement. 

  • Best posting timelines: Some posts become popular because of being posted at particular times. You can learn the best times to post your content and engage with more people. 

  • Instagram followers growth: Since you have insights into how your account performs, you will also learn how to get more followers daily instantly. 

InsReport+ is a useful tool that you can install to watch how your account is doing. It will work well with the Instagram followers tools we have discussed above. By downloading it with the options highlighted above, you will have all the power you need to propel your Instagram to greater heights. 


Gaining followers for your Instagram account is an uphill task. That is why we suggest using the Instagram followers tool to help you get followers as you concentrate on creating quality content for the followers. If you combine that with an analyzing tool, you’ll always be a step ahead. 

Start by downloading the Getins+ app to get Instagram followers without following and integrating it with your Instagram account. The rest will follow as you witness the rise in followers.

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