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6 Best Apps for Tracking Instagram Followers Trends and Activities

Get the best apps for tracking Instagram followers to understand your profile performance. It’s time to step up your game with an Instagram tracker app!

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Whether you want to check out your Instagram follower growth trends or go deeply into the profile performance as a brand, it is a good idea to get the best apps for tracking Instagram followers in place.

An Instagram tracker app can visualize your audience more comprehensively than the official Instagram Insight feature. And with such a tool, you can acquire in-depth Instagram follower reports and set up efficient growth strategies based on detailed performance data.

Best Apps for Tracking Instagram Followers

Here gather the 6 best apps for tracking followers on Instagram. Well regarded by brands and content creators, these apps support all key metrics you care about and are easy to handle.

InsReports+: Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

Most Instagram users don’t want to tackle complex terms and data and expect a direct tool to track Instagram followers. Then, InsReports+ should be the best tracker for such demands.

With InsReports+, you can keep track of your follower growth trend over selected periods of time, and get an accurate report of follower interactions on your pages. It is easy to know who liked and commented on your posts most. InsReports+ shows the most influential data relevant to your Instagram followers.

InsReports+ is also a foresighted Instagram follower tracker with optimized suggestions of hashtags and post time. Based on your actual Instagram data, this tool provides instructive information to help you set up more efficient strategies.

Best Instagram Follower Tracker - InsReports Plus

Download InsReports+ on App Store >>

Followers Insights: Profile+: Track Instagram Followers & Unfollowers

Followers Insights: Profile+ depicts your dynamic Instagram follower trends in detail. The metrics it supports cover new followers, lost followers, mutual followers, and unfollowers. The most practical scenario to use the Instagram tracker app is when you adopt the Instagram Follow for Follow method to get free Instagram followers. You can use this tool to check out who don’t follow you back and mass unfollow these people.

Like other best apps for tracking Instagram followers, this one is equipped with extra functions. It can help you find out secret admirers and go into your page engagement.

Best App for Tracking Instagram Followers

Followers - Tracker Insight: Best App to Get Insights into IG Followers

This is a popular option from Apple App Store. It is remarked as one of the best apps to track Instagram followers by thousands of users. Followers - Tracker Insight can carry out Instagram follower analysis from different dimensions, including new followers, lost followers, people not following me back, I’m not following back, mutual followers, etc. By monitoring these metrics together, you can keep tidy and high-quality follower & following lists.

Meanwhile, this iPhone app for Instagram followers is a basic engagement analyzer for Instagram Stories.

Best Follower Tracker Insight App

FollowMeter for Instagram: Best Instagram Tracking App (Android & iOS)

FollowerMeter for Instagram is a hot option among the best apps for tracking Instagram followers. It supports all metrics you may expect in an Instagram follower and unfollower tracking app. The concise & sleek UI design and quick response have driven more people to give vote for it. Other good parts of FollowerMeter are it allows you to view ghost followers and get an idea of who’s blocking your account.

Best IG Followers Tracker App Followmeter

Iconosquare: Exclusive App for Tracking Instagram Followers

If you feel those Instagram follower tracking tools can’t fulfill your demands for in-depth analysis, it is advisable to use Iconosquare. This is a professional Instagram analytic and management toolkit, favored by Instagram business accounts. Apart from monitoring the follower growth performance on your page, Iconosquare also creates in-depth reports of Instagram reach and impression, and it can measure hashtag performance to calculate the best ones for your content.

As an advanced Instagram analytic tool, Iconosquare integrates Instagram competitor analysis and post scheduling within it. You can get this app on Android and iOS.

Best Apps for Tracking Followers on Instagram Iconosquare

Inflact: Best App to Track Instagram Follower’s Profile

Inflact is more like an all-around Instagram growth platform where you can access all kinds of tools to analyze and grow your account. Because of its free profile analyzer tool, this post lists it as one of the best apps to track Instagram followers.

This tool can help you reach your followers’ profiles deeply, by analyzing what their content is most relevant to, their top hashtags, their most popular post time and engagement time, etc. If you track Instagram followers for sorting out valued or ghost followers, Inflact will be a great aid.

Beyond that, Inflact provides users with Instagram likes bot free to speed up their growth.

Inflact Online Instagram Followers Tracker

Best App to Grow Instagram Followers for Free

Using these best apps for tracking Instagram followers is a popular way to understand your Instagram growth trends. Thus, you can technically set up your Instagram goal and adjust growth strategies. However, the process of achieving your ultimate goal can be simpler and quicker. Here is the best Instagram followers app, Getins+. Designed for delivering instant and real Instagram followers, Getins+ helps you build a large follower base. Free download the Android version (Getinsita+) or iOS version (Getinself+):

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
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If your Instagram follower count is stuck at a certain number, get Getins+ to up the level. Why is Getins+ a good workaround? See what the Instagram followers app can bring you:

  • Free Instagram followers: Getins+ uses a coin system for users to get Instagram followers. You can complete various coin tasks to gather coins and claim followers on Instagram.

  • Real and organic growth: The Instagram followers you get are active Instagram users. They are highly interactive and will bring engagement, which contributes to the natural growth of your profile.

  • High security and privacy: You don’t need to do surveys or compromise your personal information for free service. The process is 100% transparent and has no risk.

  • Quick delivery: You will see a positive change in your follower count and post-performance soon. Getins+ delivers 1K followers on Instagram within 5 minutes.

Not only does Getins+ offer Instagram followers free trials, but it gives you unlimited free Instagram followers. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Tap the buttons below to install the app on your mobile phone.

Step 2. You need to create an app account by simply entering your email address. Then log into it and add your public Instagram username.

Step 3. You will receive free coins as your new user gift. You can either do more coin tasks for more coins or go to the Get Follower tab and get free Instagram followers with coins

Best App for Getting Instagram Followers

The Bottom Line

The best apps for tracking Instagram followers are important for knowing about real-time changes in your Instagram follower list. Some advanced apps even support the insight of Instagram interactions. This post has covered Instagram tracker apps with unique features. You can go through the details of each option for finding your best fit. If you track Instagram followers for growing more followers, you’re recommended to try Getins+.

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
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