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[5 Options] Instagram Likes Bot Free to Get Likes and Followers

Want an Instagram likes bot free to grow your pages? Check the top 5 free Instagram likes bots and get the real way to grow likes & followers.

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The emergence of Instagram likes bots were inspired by reciprocity. On Instagram, when people get followed, likes, or comments, most of them will give an interaction back. Instagram likes bots were primarily designed to automatically like others’ pictures on the behalf of the users, to get noticed by more people and consequently increase engagement. Today, some free Instagram likes bots can even directly send likes to the users’ posts.

Instagram Likes Bot Free

Although Instagram frowns upon Instagram automation tools, Instagram likes bots unquestionably bring a quick increase in interactions. Hope to grow your Instagram pages with an Instagram likes bot free? The following is a curated list of free Instagram bot likers.

5 Popular Instagram Likes Bots Free

The options in the list are currently tested to be effective and safe for Instagram growth. Different from the hit-and-miss approaches of outdated Instagram automation bots, these Instagram Instagram bot likes free can bring long-lasting practicability.

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Growth Beast - Instagram Likes Bot Free Trial

Growth Beast is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox and it adopts an AI system to automate Instagram growth. With its Auto Like feature, you can batch like people’s profiles on Instagram. Growth Beast provides users with advanced filters, by which you can set the number of posts and which posts you want to like. You can also choose to like posts on your Feeds or based on certain hashtags. Growth Beast supports beyond 100 posts at one time.

Growth Beast Instagram Likes Bot Free

With this free Instagram bot liker set up in the background, your account will be automatically designated to like posts and you will be able to gain more attention.

Gramto - Powerful Free Instagram Likes Bot

Gramto offers overall solutions to increase your exposure on Instagram via automated interactions with your target audience. Well-known as an experienced service in Instagram automation services, Gramto supports Instagram likes, comments, DM, following, unfollowing, reposting, etc. It also is an Instagram post scheduler and manager helping you efficiently post content at the best time.

Gramto Instagram Likes Bot Free

You can require the Instagram likes bot free to like target posts through hashtags, usernames, and locations. Just choose the content you want to interact with, and Gramto will complete the rest for you.

Inflact - Multiple-Purpose Instagram Liker Bot Free

For Instagram businesses and creator accounts, a simple Instagram bot likes free tool may be far below demand. Inflact, the versatile Instagram service toolkit, can change your way to generate interactions and grow Instagram. Inflact has smart Instagram analytics and research features, interaction automation tools including but not limited to auto likes, hashtag generators, and so forth.

InFlact Instagram Likes Bot Free

Inflact offers users 3-day free trials. You should create an Inflact account, sign in, and add your Instagram account for trial confirmation.

Inspro - Automatic Instagram Likes Bot Free

Inspro is a free Instagram bot for followers and likes. It is aimed to help people get more interactions and exposure via its auto following, and auto likes, auto Stories views. So far, Inspro is only available on the Android system and it rolls out free and premium plans. While the basic free version is enough for auto liking others’ profiles, you can upgrade to the paid one to unblock more features, such as 5 profiles at one time, advanced filters, and auto live reaction.

Inspro Instagram Likes Bot Free

Likezoid - Direct Instagram Likes Bot Free

Likezoid is an Instagram likes automation bot for computer users, with support for Windows and macOS. Once you download and get it installed, you will immediately obtain 50 gold that can be used for redeeming free likes to your posts.

Likezoid Instagram Likes Bot Free

Beyond that, you will be added to the Likezoid network when you connect your Instagram account with this tool. Your accounts will be automatically assigned to like others’ posts and for each like, you will be rewarded with 1 gold. The more gold you have, the more likes you’re able to exchange for.

Does an Instagram Likes Bot Free Work?

Despite its convenience, many people are wondering about the efficiency of Instagram likes bots for Instagram growth. The answer is positive, however, in a short term. An automation tool will certainly increase your awareness on the Instagram network by keeping interaction with others. The gain is much greater if you own a small follower base. Nevertheless, you should never overuse such a method, in case of the potential risk of being shut down.

Additionally, although Instagram doesn’t officially claim that it has set a limit on the number of posts people can like, it is widely believed that an account can only like up to 1,000 photos within a certain period. That is to say, you won’t get unlimited interaction back with an Instagram likes bot free.

Should You Use Instagram Likes Bot Free?

After walking through the practicality of Instagram likes bot tools, you may still be confused about whether you should use an automatic Instagram liker. Thus, more specifically, you can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

Pros of a Free Instagram Likes Bot

  • Time-saving process to bring interactions back on your own pages.

  • Most Instagram bots support liking posts of targeted accounts.

  • Affordable, small inputs, and obvious growth.

Cons of a Free Instagram Likes Bot

  • The risk of violating Instagram community guidelines.

  • Less real engagement growth as most people will simply like your posts back out of reciprocality and they are less interested in your content.

The Real Way to Get Real Instagram Likes & Followers

If you take account security seriously and want to get more real growth on your pages, you’re highly recommended to try a new Instagram automation tool, Getins+. It is totally different from bots and never brings fake engagement. Getins+ has a strong Instagram user base where people like or follow each other to up their accounts.

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Let’s find out more about the process of getting Instagram likes and followers on Getins+.

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The Bottom Line

This post has listed the top 5 Instagram likes bot free and the real way to grow your accounts. You can use bots as a shortcut to get exposure under people’s activity tabs. But if you need to grow your page more directly, Getins+ should be your best bet. Featured real and safe services, Getins+ is the trick you can use with confidence.

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