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Top 6 Automatic Instagram Liker You Must Know in 2023 - Get 1K Free Likes

Looking for an automatic Instagram liker app to get automatic Instagram likes on your account? Check 6 best Instagram auto liker apps to boost your Instagram likes.

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Checking your Instagram likes in the morning is not fun when the numbers are not moving. Unfortunately, this is the truth of most Instagram profiles, as they fail to gain new likes even after continuous efforts. In such cases, people need a reliable and faster way to gain likes on Instagram. Luckily for you, we have the best automatic Instagram liker app that will help you get 1k free likes and followers within a day. 

6 Best Automatic Instagram Liker Apps

We will share a total of 6 applications to get real auto likes on your profile. In this way, you will have enough options to increase followers at a faster rate. Before you go ahead, let us understand why it is essential to use Instagram auto liker apps.

Why Do You Need Automatic Instagram Liker? 

The main reason people often go for the automatic Instagram liker apps is the lack of organic growth on this platform. With a sudden increase in the number of content creators, there are fewer opportunities for the accounts with low followers count.

This is the scenario where an automatic Instagram liker can make a big difference. By getting likes from the best Instagram auto liker app, you can compete with the trending accounts and get a fair share of engagement as well. 

Next, let’s explore the 6 best automatic liker Instagram apps in the following content.

Overall Comparison of Top 6 Automatic Instagram Liker Apps

Now, let’s see an overall comparison of top 6 automatic Instagram liker apps together.

App Name


Compatible Device

Main Feature


Free (optional in-app purchases)


Instant Instagram Likes/Followers

Ins Followers

Free (optional in-app purchases)


Instagram Followers/Likes


Free (optional in-app purchases)


Instagram Reports


Free (limited)

Any Device

Multiple Useful Tools

Seek Socially


Any Device

Social Media Organic Growth



Any Device

Instant Likes

Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ - The Forever Free Automatic Instagram Liker

You can end your search for the best Instagram auto-liker app here. Getins+ is a perfect solution for anyone looking to automate Instagram likes on their profile. The application works on both Android (Getinsita+) and iOS (Getinself+) devices. The application provides a simple yet effective method to get instant likes on your posts.

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Main Features of Automatic Instagram Liker Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+:

  1. Best Automatic Instagram Liker

The best thing about the app is you can schedule automatic likes on your upcoming posts on Instagram. With the best app to get Instagram likes, your post will get an instant boost, ultimately increasing the reach of that post and your account. It means you can finally have a perfect content calendar for your Instagram account and get the desired reach even if you are not online to get the likes manually.

  1. Free Likes Forever Without Limits 

Everything's better when there are no restrictions. The same thing is with this application, as you can get unlimited likes and free Instagram followers for as long as you want. All you need is to keep earning coins and publishing tasks for your account. If you ever feel like the ongoing tasks are not enough to earn coins, buy them directly and avoid the lengthy process.

  1. 100% Real & Authentic Auto Instagram Likes

No more bots and fake likes on your profile. Get all the authentic likes and watch your account boost. It is made possible by allowing users to exchange Instagram likes on a trusted platform. Thus, whenever you publish a task on this Instagram auto liker app for likes, real users provide you the engagement on your account.

  1. Safe Automatic Instagram Liker

Unlike other applications, Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ works without asking for any password or personal details. You simply need to enter your Instagram username and add it to your Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ account. That’s it! Now you can get as many auto free Instagram likes as you want. 

 So, you continue getting likes even when you are using the Instagram auto liker app iOS version.

How to Use It as Instagram Auto Liker?

Here are the steps to use it for your Instagram account:

Step 1: Download & Install the App.

Step 2: Create an Account and Log in with Your New Account.

The next step is to create a Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ account. Click on the Signup option and enter all the required details in the provided field. Log in with the credentials you use to create the account as shown in the above picture. (Ensure to claim the daily reword.)

Log in with Your New Account on Automatic Instagram Liker

Step 3: Earn Some Coins and Exchange for Auto Likes.

As we mentioned earlier, you can use the coins to get automatic likes on your profile. For your first use, the application will give you some free coins to use. Claim the first-day bonus, and the coins will be credited to your account, as shown in the above picture. 

Earning Coins On Automatic Instagram Liker

Once you select a like-getting task on the app, you will see the progress of your task in this panel. Use it to see the real-time likes you are getting on the profile. 

Check Likes Progress on Instagram Liker App


  • Real Account Engagement- This app gives you real likes that do not hurt the authenticity of your account. In this way, you can get all the likes without worrying about getting blocked by Instagram’s algorithms. 

  • Auto Likes- You can schedule the likes on any post. It helps when you want Instagram likes on your posts at regular intervals. This way, no one will find out you are using an auto-liker app.


  • Need to Earn Coins- Sometimes, you may get tired of completing tasks to earn coins. However, the good news is you can always buy some coins to save time.

Ins Followers - Fast and Automatic Likes Delivery App

Here is another excellent option for those looking to increase Instagram likes: Ins Followers. The application is well known to provide genuine Instagram engagement on users' profiles. This app made it to our list because of its easy user interface and fast service.

With this app, you can expect some similar results and convenience. If you have never used an Instagram auto-liker app before, this application is the best option for you. Simply create an account and get all the services you need. 


  • Easy to use- Anyone can use this application even if they do not have any experience using Instagram auto-liker apps. All the steps are designed so that beginners can easily use this application. 

  • Free to Use- The application is entirely free to use. You can perform different tasks to earn coins and use them to get Instagram likes online.


  • Not for Desktop or Laptop- The application works only on the smartphone and does not let you use it on your desktop. 

InsReports+ - Instagram Auto Liker With Multiple Features

InsReports+ is another automatic liker app that you must try in 2023. This application gives you the freedom to get unlimited likes while letting you check the additional reports of your account. This way, you can stay updated with your progress and get details of post and account engagement on a single platform. 

You can also check the popular hashtags to add to your account here. This way, you can get auto free instagram likes daily and organic growth to make a unique Instagram success combination.


  • Advanced Features- One reason to use this application is its advanced features. It lets you increase your Instagram likes and followers while analyzing the performance of the account.

  • Free to Use- Like other applications in this list, InsReports+ is free to use. Simply download the app and start using all the fantastic features. 


  • Need Instagram Password- Although the application works without asking for your Instagram credentials, sometimes you may need to enter the password when the app fails to connect your account through the normal process.

GreatOnlineTools - Effective Instagram Auto Liker App

This platform offers different tools to help you online. You can find tools like Youtube video liker, SMS bomber, and Instagram automatic likes free here. The app is similar to the ones we mentioned in the article. However, the difference here is you can use it as Instagram auto liker without login online directly. 

GreatOnlineTools- Effective Instagram Auto Liker App


  • No Mobile App Required- Use the tool directly on the website without installing any application on your smartphone.

  • No Registration Required- The tool works without any registration and provides instant likes on your account.


  • Not for Bulk Likes- You can only get limited account engagement with this tool. It won’t work if you need constant likes on your account. 

Seek Socially - Buy Instagram Auto Likes

If you have a budget to spend some money on Instagram likes, we recommend you go for Seek Socially platform. It offers different subscription plans that let you get Instagram engagement (likes, comments, and follows) instantly. The application also provides other services that give you hashtags and user targeting data.

Seek Socially- Buy Instagram Auto Likes


  • Complete Solution- The app is not limited to providing Instagram likes but also provides a complete solution to get organic growth of your Instagram account.

  • No Manual Tasks Required- You can directly subscribe to its service and get all the likes you need without performing any task.


  • Too Expensive- If you are planning to get thousands of likes on your account, it might cost you a lot of money.

StormLikes - Effective Instagram Auto Liker App

StormLikes is another paid application that gives you paid likes, views, and followers on your account. The platform promises instant delivery within a few minutes. This way, you can avoid the lengthy process and start growing your account right away.

You can simply enter the account details on its website and select which post you want to promote.

StormLikes- Effective Instagram Auto Liker App


  • Instant Delivery- You can get instant delivery with this application right after you buy its services.

  • Multiple Services- Apart from Instagram likes, you can get Instagram views, comments, and followers on the same platform.


  • Not Exclusive for Instagram- The platform offers services for different social media platforms and does not have a proper focus on Instagram services.


Increasing your Instagram account’s reach is much easier when you have the right tools with you. You can find the best Instagram automatic liker app in our list to get as many likes as you want. We recommend Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ as it is a complete solution for anyone to increase likes on Instagram. Download now!

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