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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously/Without Knowing/Being Seen

How to view Instagram stories anonymously? Try the 5 proven ways to view Instagram stories anonymously without knowing. Plus the best Instagram followers & likes app.

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Instagram stories allow users to post photos or short videos that automatically disappear within 24 hours. Normally, Insta story posters can see who has viewed them. However, what if you want to view Instagram story anonymously without them knowing for personal or business reasons, like disallowed interactions, competitive relationships, hidden information search, etc.? Never mind. You’ll get top answers in the post.

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Here are 5 tested ways on how to view Instagram stories anonymously. Moreover, if you want to get more followers and likes to boost your Insta profile, one brilliant way to get Instagram followers free is listed in the end. Let’s check out together!

Way 1. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Turn on Airplane Mode

Assuming that you have installed the Instagram app on your smartphone, Android or iPhone, then the most direct way on how to view Instagram stories anonymously is turning on the Airplane mode. Whether you use an iPhone or Android phone, you’re allowed to enable the Airplane mode to view Instagram stories without free Instagram followers knowing.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously in Airplane Mode

Step 1. Open the Instagram app and login to your account. Then wait a few seconds for all the Insta stories available to load on your device.

Step 2. Turn on your Airplane mode, and go back to Instagram to view the stories anonymously.

Due to all the stories being preloaded on your phone, you can view the stories without the internet. And since the Airplane mode is on, your view does not count, which gives you chances to view Instagram stories anonymously. This could be the most straightforward way to view Instagram stories without people knowing.

Tips: If you want to enhance the level of security, make sure to close the Instagram app once you've seen those stories. Don’t leave it even running in the background.

Way 2. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Use Web Browser Extensions

If you don’t want to activate the Airplane mode, you can try the second way: Web Browser Extensions - IG stories for Instagram. It is an extension for Google Chrome browser (no account required).

If you install this extension in your browser, you can access Instagram stories on Windows easily, and are able to view stories anonymously on Instagram. While, if you don’t want to install the browser extension, you can access it from its website as well and download all the Instagram stories you want on your PC.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously with Web Browser Extensions

Tips: Taking Firefox as an example, you can use StoriesWatcher, which allows you to see the stories on Instagram without logging in, and most importantly, without being seen by anyone.

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Way 3. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Online Instagram Story Viewer

Besides, based on the view Instagram stories anonymously reddit, you can use the online Instagram stories viewer to watch Instagram stories without logging in. There are many free online viewers for you, without downloading the view Insta story anonymously app.

To easily solve the question - how to view someone's Instagram story anonymously online, the Instagram Stories Viewer website is highly recommended to you. Here’s how it works:

View Instagram Stories Anonymously Online

Step 1. Open the Instagram Stories Viewer website, insert the username you want to view in the search box.

Step 2. Instantly you will see all the stories that are published by this user within 24 hours. Now you can view the stories anonymously.

The only drawback of this method is that it only works with public Insta accounts. If you want to view Instagram stories of a private account without being seen, you have to turn to other suggestions in the article.

Tips: If you want to anonymously view stories that have been published long ago, there is another online tool, Instagram Stories Data. Have a try if you need.

Way 4. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Try Story Viewer App for Android/iOS

In addition, when you need to view multiple IG stories anonymously, the view Insta story anonymously app is the best option for you. As the Instagram follower boost app, with the powerful viewer apps, you can easily watch others’ IG stories privately as a whole efficiently.

  • For Android users: 

There’s a free application called StorySaver application. You can download it from Google Play Store and follow the steps below to get Instagram stories private view.

Step 1. Enter your Instagram account to log in. And you will see a list of all the users you follow, who have stories active at the moment.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously with App for Android

Step 2. Select the account that you want to view all of his or her stories at the moment. (You can also search for the user's name to find a specific user more quickly.)

Step 3. Don’t tap the Eye-shape icon if you want to watch Instagram stories without them knowing.

Tips: Please keep in mind that, with this app, you can only see the stories of your friends on Instagram that are active at that time.

  • For iOS users:

If you are using iOS, there is a similar app, called Story Reposter, which can help you watch Instagram stories anonymously on iPhone. You can download it from the Apple store. Besides watching an Instagram story without being seen, it also allows you to repost it to your Instagram homepage or save it on your device. 

View Instagram Stories Anonymously with App for iOS

Way 5. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Use Siri Shortcuts

Additionally, for people who don’t want to download the view Insta story anonymously app, here comes the good news: if you are using iOS 13, there’s no need to download any apps to view instagram stories anonymously. You can rely on the stock app, Shortcuts, to watch Instagram stories anonymously and do many other things simultaneously.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously with Siri Shortcuts

Step 1. Once you have the Shortcuts app, you’re able to open the link with Safari to get the shortcut for viewing IG stories anonymously.

Step 2. Just run this shortcut and then you’ll be prompted to enter the username or profile link. Input your username correctly.

Step 3. Then Shortcut will find all the available stories for this user and give you a quick preview.

You can also tap on the Share button to save all the Instagram stories to your iPhone Camera Roll or iCloud and view Instagram stories without them knowing anytime.

Tips: Please be sure to turn off your VPN connection while running this shortcut, otherwise, you cannot view Instagram posts or stories anonymously without logging in.

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Way 6. View Instagram Stories Anonymously: Create Another Instagram Account

If all the methods mentioned above don’t work, to see Instagram stories anonymously reddit, the final method for you is an old-school one, which has been followed by many Insta users who do not want to download apps or access websites. That is, to open a new Instagram account to view Instagram stories without them knowing.

Once you choose this option, you have to create a profile that interests the person or people you want to spy on. And, although the account is private, if you become his or her follower, you can see all stories and publications without having to follow any additional steps.

That’s all the 6 efficient ways to view stories on Instagram anonymously. To eliminate your anxiety best, please try out these methods right now!

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That’s all about the 6 ways about how to view Instagram stories anonymously and a bonus tip for you. If you are having trouble watching stories on Instagram without knowing, don’t hesitate to try out these useful ways. Additionally, download GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ to get free unlimited followers and likes!

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