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6 IG Best Liker Apps in 2023 | Get Auto Likes Instantly & Easily

Get free Instagram Likes, Auto IG likes and followers using the Best Instagram liker app. This guide summarized the top 6 IG best Liker apps. Get them now.

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For users who use Instagram, whether you are an individual, business, blogger, or celebrity, if you want to gain attention on Instagram and become popular, the number of your followers and posts' likes are essential. To some extent, the popularity of a post and the number of likes are more likely to make an ordinary account famous overnight. Getting likes on Instagram is an amazing tactic for promoting yourself, your business, your brand, your cause, or whatever you feel passionate about. 

IG Best Liker - Instagram Liker App

However, you found that it’s hard to get expected likes on Instagram after spending a long time and effort. Thus, it is vital to find the best Instagram liker app to increase Instagram likes. Getting likes on Instagram with IG best liker, your quality and trendy images, interesting content, and quirky memes can reach more audiences and go viral easier.

How to Choose Best Instagram Liker Apps

Before choosing the IG best liker, you’re suggested to take some necessary criterions into consideration, which can help avoid losses and find the best one to gain Instagram likes easier and faster. Actually, there are a lot of things to think about, but testing them all takes time. But at the very least, you should take the following three items into account.

  • The quality of the IG liker: The rating and review of the IG best auto Liker App intuitively reflect the experience of users who have already used it, and give you the most direct reference for use.

  • The last updated version: Check the latest update time of the Instagram best Liker app. If it has not been updated for a long time, choose carefully.

  • The performance of the IG liker: Last but not least, consider the performance of the Instagram best Liker. Is there a limit on the number of likes, what is the delivery speed, are they free, are they coming from real active users, etc.

6 Best Like Apps for Instagram

Now, let’s see the top 6 best like apps for Instagram in 2023:

#1 - Getins+

Getins+ is an Instagram auto liker without login, named Getinsita+ on Android and Getinself on iOS. In addition, it does not require a password, verification or pre-survey, and outstands among the best apps for increasing Instagram likes due to the following top-tier features:

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
  • Get real, unlimited free Instagram followers likes.
  • Grow daily, auto, instant Insta followers & likes.
  • Boost Instagram comments, Instagram reels & reels views quickly.
  • Free Instagram likes: People in GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ community perform a variety of ways to earn coins, including as daily sign-ins, following, liking, and commenting. With the help of this coin-based system, you can use the coins you have accumulated to obtain free Instagram likes.

  • Safe Instagram Likes: All users on the GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ platform are real and active users, and the free IG likes you get are also real feedback from those users, which is 100% safe.

  • Instant & auto Like service: As the best app to get Instagram likes, GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ offers comprehensive Instagram growth service, including Instant Instagram Likers and Auto Instagram Likes, which serves well the vary growth demand of IG likes for different users.

  • Real and active followers: Besides getting instant IG likes or free Instagram likes daily, you can also get real and active Instagram followers with GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+.

How to Gain IG Likes with IG Best Liker?

GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ works well on iOS and Android, follow the steps below to increase your Instagram post likes or reel likes in minutes.

Step 1. Download and install this APP on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2. Collect rewarded coins for the first login and earn more coins by doing easy coin tasks.

Get IG Likes with IG Best Liker - Step 2

Step 3. Use your coins to start an Instagram likes plan and you will see that your IG likes boosting in minutes.

Get IG Likes with IG Best Liker - Step 3

#2 - Ins Followers

Ins Followers is a free Instagram growth App that helps users easily get more than 10K 50K Instagram followers free, as well as get free Instagram likes instantly, daily, and consistently. This free IG Liker app builds its name on its first-rate features.

IG Best Liker - Ins Followers

Main Features:

  • Get free Instagram followers from US, UK, India, and Worldwide.

  • Gain authentic Instagram likes from real active users.

  • Fast delivery of Instagram followers, likes, and all its services.

  • 100 Safe and easy to use. Only 2 steps, you can get started immediately.

  • Available on both Android and iOS.

#3 - Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is a professional Instagram followers app and a brilliant Instagram liker app. Getting a lot of Instagram free likes can be done with simple steps easily. See what benefits it brings to you.

IG Best Liker - Followers Gallery

Main Features:

  • It offers packages of instant Instagram likes that are instantly delivered using a completely automated system.

  • It guarantees fast delivery. You will see that 100/500/1000 authentic Instagram likes start and finish in minutes.

  • It provides auto likes for upcoming posts. Future-oriented 100–500 free Instagram likes will be delivered to your forthcoming 10 and 50 posts.

#4 - IG Liker

IG Liker is another IG best liker for Instagram that can help you get unlimited free Instagram likes easily and quickly. IG Liker also offers 2 versions; one is for Android users, and another is for iOS users.

IG Best Liker - IG Liker

Main Features:

  • 100% real & authentic Instagram likes for Instagram posts, reels, and stories.

  • Instant, automatic & consistent Likes Plans for various growth needs.

  • Get Instagram likes for free and without limits.

  • Easy to use. Clean and Safe.

#5 - TopLiker

TopLiker is a best online IG Liker that creates free online tools to help those who want to gain fame on social media like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

IG Best Liker - TopLiker

Main Features:

  • Web-based IG liker, no downloading.

  • Get not only free IG likes, but also free IG views and IG comments.

  • Free to use, safe and secure.

#6 - Inflact

Another web-based IG best Liker, Inflact is a smart application that helps you build your target audience, perform Instagram growth and interact with customers. It is an Instagram growth service that offers free Instagram likes along with its other services.

IG Best Liker - Inflact

Main Features:

  • Auto like and auto follow.

  • Auto posting: Schedule your posting at the right time.

  • Advanced filters: Narrow the targeting to get the best results.

Quick Comparison Table on IG Best Liker

Here is a summary of the performance of the above 6 IG best Likers, so that you can make a comprehensive comparison and choose the one that suits you best.

App Name

Star Rating






iOS & Android


Latest Updated

Ins Followers


iOS & Android

Free & Paid

Latest Updated

Followers Gallery


iOS & Android

Free & Paid

Latest Updated

IG Liker


iOS & Android

Free & Paid

Latest Updated




Free & Paid

Last updated in 2021





Latest Updated


That’s the 6 IG best liker to get likes on Instagram in 2023. All those IG Liker Apps are fascinating Instagram likes and followers apps. They are not complicated, yet very efficient. You don’t need to think hard about strategy, or mess up with hashtags (for example, #Like4Like, etc.) in your posts to attract likes anymore, your post will be visible to other real active users easier than ever.
Just select one of the best likes boosters on Instagram from the above list and start boosting your likes now.

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