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How to Get Instant Likes Instagram [Paid & Free Solutions]

Eager for instant likes Instagram? Here are paid and free solutions to get Instagram likes instantly for you.

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Both individuals and businesses want more Instagram likes. Generally, the more Instagram likes, the more likely your videos will be on TikTok's recommendation list, and your account has a chance to be seen by more people and get more followers. However, running an Instagram account is not an easy task. Sometimes it can take years. That Instagram likes apps claim that they can deliver instant Instagram like for you, but hardly any of them are practical, not let alone offer Instagram likes instant for free. Don’t be disheartened. This guide will show you how to get Instant likes Instagram using efficient solutions. 

Get Instant Likes Instagram

Why Need Instant Likes Instagram

Instagram instant likes are a crucial indicator of your account's popularity. More Instagram likes, and followers allow you to become an Instagram influencer and monetize your traffic. Apart from that, there are also other benefits of instant likes on Instagram. We list part of them below:

  • Instantly Deliver for Upcoming Marketing

Profiles with numerous likes and followers are more likely to gain buyers’ trust. This enables instant deliveries. But managing an Instagram account takes time. Get Instagram likes instantly, then you can profit in a shorter term.  

  • Gain Trust from Partners

Instagram likes indicate that others affirm the content under your account. Profiles with more likes are easier to gain the trust of viewers and collaborators. This brings you more opportunities to collaborate with others.

  • Get Algorithm Preference and Go Viral

Instant likes Instagram means people like what you post. The Instagram algorithm selects high-quality posts to recommend to more users. This way, more people can see your content, and your profile has a good chance of becoming an overnight hit.

Thanks to several helpful tools, you can get Instagram likes instantly. Here we provide you with paid and free solutions. Go on reading to get instant likes Instagram successfully. 

Method 1. Buy Instant Likes Instagram - Fastest, Secure, Paid

You can buy from an Instagram likes provider to get likes quickly. There are various sites in the market that provide instant and real Instagram likes. After comparing dozens of providers, we picked the best three ones. Reviewing their price, likes’ quality, delivery speed, etc., in the following description. 

1. is a reliable site that allows you to buy Instagram likes and followers from it. As for instant Instagram likes, it offers several purchase plans, costing from $4.99 (100 likes) to $16.99 (1000 likes). Using it, you can easily get Instagram likes without a password. What you need to do is only to put in your Instagram profile and then press OK. It will deliver real Instagram likes to you within 24 hours. 

Get Instant Likes Instagram with Easygetinnta

2. is another highly recommended website to get install likes on Instagram. It is a safe-to-use tool that will guarantee your account privacy. It asks for no login as well. As for the cost, it provides a relatively reasonable price, from $2.99 (100 likes) to $15.99 (1000 likes) right now. And it is not tricky to use. Within a few simple steps, you can deliver high-quality Instagram likes within 24 hours.

3. is a sophisticated Instagram likes and followers provider in the field. It is totally authentic and has a great reputation in the market. To get instant Instagram like from it, you just need to type in your Instagram profile and wait for its delivery. It costs from $4.99 (per 100 likes) to $16.99 (per 1000 likes). After buying the likes, it will deliver them to your account within 24 hours. 

Suppose you are unwilling to spend pennies to get Instagram instant likes; you can try the Instagram auto liker app to exchange for likes with virtual coins. Check the following recommended app and see how to get free instant Instagram likes with it successfully. 

Method 2. Exchange for Instagram Instant Likes with Coins - Quick, Organic, Free

Getins+ is one of the best coins Instagram Likes apps. It is entirely free to use and gives you various opportunities to get a free Instagram likes trial by getting virtual coins to exchange for instant likes. It has multiple windfalls, so it is prominent among various free Instagram likes apps. 

Getins+: Best Free Auto Liker for Instagram

Auto Instagram Likes

  • Get Free Instagram Likes from Authentic, 100% REAL.

  • Gain Insta Likes in Multiple Modes: Instant, Daily, Auto.

  • Boost Instagram Likes on Posts, Reels, Comments Fast.

  • Unique Feature: Auto IG Likes for 20, 50 Upcoming Posts.

Why pick Getins+? See what benefits it brings to you.

  • Gain Instagram Instant Likes with Coins, Totally Free

Getins+ is totally free to use. Using it, you just need to finish several tasks, like lucky draws, daily check-ins, sharing with others, etc., then you can get numerous coins. The virtual coins are enough to exchange instant likes Instagram. 

  • Genuine and Authentic Instagram Likes 

High-quality Instagram likes are provided in this app. It offers real and authentic likes from active Instagram users. Likes from robots are strictly restricted in it. 

  • Multiple Plans of Instant Instagram Likes

As for Instant likes, Getins+ gives you multiple exchange plans. You can exchange for 100, 200, 500, 1000 likes, and more. For the different number of likes, you have to spend different coins. 

  • Instant Instagram Likes for Existing and Upcoming Posts 

The Instagram likes will be delivered to multiple posts under your Instagram account, including both the existing and upcoming posts. 

In addition, Getins+ is more than an excellent Instagram likes app. It also provides Instagram followers free. The application is available on Android(named Getinsita+) and iOS(named Getinself+). Just download it if you need to obtain free Instagram likes instantly, and check how to use it by referring to the below step-by-step tutorials. 

How to Get Likes on Instagram Instantly & Free

Step 1. Download the Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ app on your phone. Then launch the app. 

Step 2. Log in with your email or create a new account. Then obtain free virtual coins to exchange free Instagram likes.

Step 3. Click Likes on the menu bar, add your Instagram profile, press Add, and wait for delivery. 

How to Get Instant Likes Instagram

Comparison of Methods to Get Instant Likes Instagram

Here we compared the two methods mentioned above, including the aspects like the price, delivery time, password, server security, and likes quality. You can make a reference and select the most appropriate method to perform. 

Buy Instant Likes on Instagram

Exchange for Instant IG Likes


Cost about $2.99 to $16.99

Free to use

Delivery Time

Within minutes

Within 24 hours


No need

No need


Safe to use

Guarantee Users’ data

Likes Quality

Real likes, no bots

Likes from real and active users

The Bottom Line

Now you may know the easy and fast ways to get instant likes Instagram. If you want to get free likes instantly, the coins Instagram likes app is a better option. Just accomplish several simple tasks, and you can exchange instant and high-quality likes. The Getins+ is at the top of our recommended list. You can download it for free and use it on your mobile phone. 

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