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[Proven] How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram? Here are the simplest ways to check the recent following on your or others’ accounts. Read on!

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Everyone gets a reason to see someone’s recent following on Instagram, but because of Instagram’s frequent updates, the Instagram following order is a bit different from the one before. How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram? Here will demonstrate the newest process of checking the most recent following of certain people you’re interested in.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

Beyond that, you will find out how to see who you recently followed on Instagram and who recently followed you. Let’s keep track of the Instagram following and follower lists in the way you need!

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How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram 2023

The premiss requisite for seeing others’ following list on Instagram is their accounts are public or you have followed them. The following list on a private account is inaccessible to unfollowers. To see someone’s following list, you need to tap into the person’s profile page and click the Following button to see the details. Since Instagram has stopped to showcase others’ following lists in chronological order with the 2023 update, the user at the top isn’t always the one people most recently followed.

Now, you will find the order is variable if you check it with different Instagram accounts. It is said that the order is mostly decided by interaction. While you can’t directly view someone’s recent following on Instagram, there are third-party Instagram scrapers to help you work it out. Here is how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram with a third-party application.

Step 1. Open the Chrome browser and search for IGExport. IGExport is a free Chrome extension that supports Instagram following list export in chronological order.

Step 2. Install IGExport on the Chrome web store and add it to the browser taskbar.

Export Following List to Check Recently Followed

Step 3. Open Instagram on the browser, sign in, and search for the people who you’re curious about.

Step 4. Go to the person’s profile and copy the Instagram username.

How to See Recently Followed on Instagram Using Username

Step 5. Click the IGExport extension on the browser taskbar, enter the Instagram username, and select Following.

Step 6. Click Export Following.

How to See Recently Followed on Instagram on IGExport

Step 7. It will direct you to the following list page and the one at the top are the person’s most recent following. If you want to save the list offline, click the Downloading Following button.

How to See Someones Most Recent Following on Instagram

How to See Who I Recently Followed on Instagram

If you have forgotten who you most recently followed on Instagram, you can directly find it out on your Following list. Follow the instruction to discover how to see who I recently followed on Instagram.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app, log in, and head to your profile.

Step 2. Tap the Following button to extend the list.

Step 3. There is a double arrow icon on the upper right of the following list. Tap it.

Step 4. Choose the Sort by option as Date followed: Latest.

How to See Who I Recently Followed on Instagram

The following list is in chronological order and the top person is the one you followed most recently.

How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

On the contrary, followers are people who have followed you. A lot of people have the demands of tracking recent followers on others’ pages out of curiosity, competitor analysis, or other intentions. Instagram doesn’t provide an option to sort followers by time whether it comes to other people’s lists or your own’s.

According to user feedback, the follower list seems to be randomly organized on the Instagram app. You will find that some people’s follower lists are in chronological order, some are based on initials, and others are more likely to attribute to interaction. For instance, an Instagram account with less than 200 followers are usually in alphabetical order.

Is it possible to see recent followers on Instagram? A workable solution to get it done is to check the following list on the Instagram website. It is proven that the follower list on the browser version is displayed based on the time people follow the account. Here is how to see Instagram followers in order:

Step 1. Visit the Instagram website on your browser.

Step 2. Sign in and open the profile you want to find the recent follower from.

Step 3. Click the Follower button.

Step 4. A new Follower window appears. All the followers are ordered from the latest one to the earliest one.

How to See Recent Followers on Instagram

How to Boost Recent Followers on Instagram

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How to Grow Recent Followers

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The Bottom Line

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram and who you recently followed on Instagram? Because of the latest updates on Instagram, the processes are different from the ones before. The methods above are the newest way to identify the latest change in the Following and Followers lists. Hopefully, you will find the information useful.

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