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How to Find Inactive Instagram Followers: Remove & Get Active Followers

How to find your inactive Instagram followers? Check the feasible methods on how to find and remove inactive followers on Instagram. Get 100% active followers.

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Have you ever found that even though you have a larger number of followers, only a few of them will actively interact with you? You rarely receive likes, comments, and views on your Instagram posts. That’s caused by your mass inactive Instagram followers. It’s obvious to see that inactive followers will not bring you any value, but hurt your IG account. So how to find and remove inactive followers on Instagram?

How to Find and Remove Inactive Instagram Followers

Don't worry much about that. Just read this fantastic guide, you will know how to find out and delete inactive followers on Instagram. Besides, this guide will show the right way to grow your active Instagram followers. 

Why Should You Remove Inactive Instagram Followers?

To begin with, let’s figure out why should you remove inactive followers on Instagram. Engagements of followers are essential standard to escalate the authenticity and popularity of IG accounts. So removing inactive followers will bring you the following benefits.  

  • Instagram won't treat your account as inactive.

Since Instagram is a social media to build relationships among users, it doesn’t like inactive accounts. If you have a large number of followers that make little interactions with, Instagram is likely to verify you as an inactive account. Accordingly, your exposure and engagement will be reduced.

  • Instagram users won't treat your followers as bots.

Why Should You Remove Inactive Instagram Followers

Instagram users are always smart and won’t be cheated easily. If your account which owns a great many of followers only shows a few interactions, your audience may suspect that your followers are purchased bots. So only if you remove inactive Instagram followers, you’ll be trusted as real users.

  • Enhance your Instagram account quality.

If you want to be famous or build your brand on Instagram, you’d better delete inactive Instagram followers. On the one hand, it’s good for you to reserve more high quality active free Instagram followers. on the other, you can reduce the cost at pleasing people who won’t create any value for you.

Since inactive followers is so harmful to your IG account, how to get rid of all your inactive followers? Let’s continue to learn how to find and remove inactive followers!

How to Find and Remove Inactive Instagram Followers Manually

Before removing them, you'd better check if they are really inactive accounts. Inactive Instagram users usually are bots or abandoned accounts. Here are the lists of the features for you to find out Instagram inactive followers

  • No profile picture and bio

  • No public followersl No posts in the latest months

  • Random numbers in usernames (fake or bots)

If you see accounts with these above features, you should consider them as inactive followers and remove them. Here are the guide for how to remove inactive followers on Instagram by hand step by step.

Step 1: Click “Followers” in your Instagram app and check the follower list.

Step 2: Navigate the inactive follower and tap on “Remove” on the right of the account.

Step 3: Confirm “Remove” and you delete it successfully.

How to Find and Remove Inactive Instagram Followers Manually

It’s easy to operate by hand if you only have several Inactive following accounts, but when you need to delete masses of following accounts, the thing is different, harder and time-consuming. So you should rely on professional tools to make a large scale of deletion.

Find and Remove Inactive Followers on Instagram with Tools

Here are 2 useful apps that help you find and remove massive inactive followers on Instagram fast and easily. Please have a check!

Crowdbabble – Find Inactive Instagram Followers Easily

Crowdbabble is designed to provide powerful social media analytics for busy individuals/marketers. It allows you to analyze your Instagram followers, even those you get from Instagram followers free trial. It will report how they interact with you on Instagram, such as the exact number of likes, comments, engagement.

Just check the data of your followers report which shows 0 likes, 0 comments, and low engagement, you’ll easily find inactive Instagram followers in seconds. 

Find Inactive Followers on Instagram with Crowdbabble

Cleaner for Instagram – Remove Batch Instagram Followers

The other app to help you clean batch inactive Instagram followers easily is called Cleaner for Instagram. After you install and launch this app on your device, you can select all Instagram inactive followers that you find, and then clean them with one-click. Besides, if you want to clear inactive accounts in your following list, it works too.

Remove Inactive Instagram Followers with Cleaner for Instagram

After removing your inactive followers on Instagram, you will definitely lose a lot of followers. How can you avoid low quality followers and get active Instagram followers to make up for it? Is there a feasible and easy method? Yes! Here is the best free Instagram followers app, which offers 100% real and active Instagram followers fast and safely. Let’s check it together!

Avoid Inactive Instagram Followers and Get 100% Active Followers

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The Bottom Line

After reading this post, you must have known how to find and remove inactive Instagram followers, and how they affect your IG account as well. Besides, if you want to get more HQ followers and popularity on Instagram, the better way is to use Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ to get 100% real and verified Instagram followers, other than buy inactive, fake, or bot followers.

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