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8 Nice First Instagram Post Ideas to Introduce Your Business and Attract Followers

First Instagram post ideas are crucial for new accounts to grow from scratch. Try the 8 first post ideas for Instagram and get off to a good start!

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Most of the successful brands on Instagram start with an impressive Instagram post. The first post on Instagram is a door through which people can know about you and your brands. An excellent first post on Instagram will drive more attention and even convert casual viewers into your followers. Given the benefits, many newcomers keep asking what to post on Instagram for the first time they enter the Instagram ecosystem.

First Instagram Post Ideas

To create a valuable post for your new accounts, besides crafting your content like a pro, you can also follow these 8 first Instagram post ideas below. If adopted properly, these ideas will bring added attraction to your post. It will become easier to build a strong foundation for your brand success on Instagram. Scroll down to learn about each idea.

Notes. Instagram has 3 types of profiles, including Business, Creator, and Personal. If you’re running a personal account, make sure that your post can showcase your personality, your interests, or other aspects you want to express in public. Creator accounts share some common characteristics with business accounts while a creator account is for individual creators and a business one is for businesses.

The following first post ideas for Instagram are curated for small businesses. But if you’re running a different type of account, you will still get inspiration from these tips.

First Instagram Post Ideas 1: Photos of Yourself or Your Team

It is the most common way to start your Instagram journey. When sharing photos of yourself or your team, you’re making an introduction in the most direct way. When other Instagram users come across this post, they will quickly know about who you’re and your team is. To make a lasting impression among the crowd, you can follow these tips when choosing pictures:

  • Choose a high-resolution image

  • Use factors in your brand identity

  • Apply contrast to make distinctions between the dark and light parts

  • Adopt eye-catching color combinations

  • Show positive personality

Ideas for First Instagram Post - Add Pictures

First Instagram Post Ideas 2: Introduction to the Your Brand or Product

Giving an introduction to your brand or product will enable people to easily find out what your profile is mainly for. A good first Instagram post for business should include the brand logo, brand slogan, the main products or service scope, and business philosophy. Besides displaying your content in the form of still images, you can make full use of the Instagram Story and Reels features to present your Instagram content ideas in a vivid and dynamic way.

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First Instagram Post Ideas 3: Post Content That Consistent with Your Theme

A cohesive aesthetic on Instagram can drive strong brand awareness. Once you create a new account on Instagram, the next action you should take is to plan out a unique aesthetic for your profile. Different topics on Instagram are always marked by their unique characters no matter whether it’s about color, visual identity, typography, filters, and grid layout. You can set a tone for your account based on what your brand is about after going into the leading brands in your field. When you have decided on a style guide, it’s time to add your unique brand personality and make it a visual identity. When all is set, you can follow your aesthetic guide to create the first Instagram post examples. Don’t forget to make it consistent with your theme.

Aesthetic Ideas for Your First Instagram Post

First Instagram Post Ideas 4: Collaborate with Known Brands and Tag Them

Thanks to the new Instagram Collabs, users can collaborate with others expediently. Found on this feature, here is one of the most effective Instagram Introduction post ideas to extend your exposure as a new account. To make this idea take effect, you need to reach recognized brands relevant to yours for collaboration and prove the value that these brands can benefit from it.

It won’t be an easy task to set up a collaboration with the best brands, but once you make it out, you will find it well worth the effort. The biggest profit of this method is that you will be visible to the audiences of these popular brands quickly and even attract their followers to be yours.

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First Post on Instagram Ideas by Instagram Collab

First Instagram Post Ideas 5: Showcase Your Bussiness Stories

Business storytelling is more powerful than other forms of presentation. People love to know about interesting or significant backgrounds rather than statistics on your brands. You can establish details of your business story and craft it by adding elements that your target audiences will be interested in. Meanwhile, an informative Instagram caption will help you understand the story and your brand more quickly. You can tell your inspiration that drives you to start this business, your motivation, prospect, etc.

First Instagram Post Ideas - Tell Bussiness Stories

First Instagram Post Ideas 6: Create Uniqueness of Your Products

Uniqueness is the most distinctive thing that makes your account stand out from various rising and long-standing competitors. You can make a concise description of the originality of your products and how it serves the customers. Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories with stickers are good approaches to demonstrate your products’ values, which will increase interactions and even achieve an increase in free Instagram followers.

First Instagram Post Ideas 7: Share Customer Comments and Feedback

Among kinds of first Instagram post ideas, customer recommendation is always given less emphasis by Instagram users. But it is a significant indicator that will attract more conversion from end to end. Before selecting a service or product, people are used to knowing about the feedback on it. Authentic and practical customer stories will increase people’s willingness to get a close look at your product. You can craft an elaborate post with comments and feedback from actual users as your introduction.

First Instagram Post Ideas 8: Plan Your Instagram Content

A ready scheme with a highly consistent content type and visual theme will beneficial to strong awareness. You’d better figure one at the very beginning and follow this scheme for your first post on Instagram. An optimized run-up will contribute to smooth growth and also bring more inspiration to your every post later.

  • Your Brand Identity

  • Your Brand Logo

  • Layout Design

  • Your Growth Strategies

  • Your Marketing Goals

First Instagram Post Ideas - Plan Instagram Content

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How to Get Followers for Your First Instagram Post

The Bottom Line

This article rounds up 8 nice first Instagram post ideas, to help you start a business on Instagram more effectively. In consideration of different brands, the 8 ideas can bring different benefits to different degrees. It’s time to choose your preferred way to post your first Instagram post, on the basis of your goals and strategies. Additionally, you can get Instagram followers free trials to extend your brand presence. The more followers there are, the more exposure you will gain on your first post. Free download the Getins+ Instagram follower app to build your brand.

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