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Guide on Instagram Story Viewer Order: Everything You Need to Know

What does Instagram story viewer order mean? How to check the order of Instagram story viewers? Check the guide on how it works and how to get more followers for free story views.

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Why do you watch stories on Instagram? We have different reasons, from doing it for fun to checking what your friends are doing. So, whether it’s a dark secret being revealed or some thrill at a party, you will check on the IG stories. If you have a habit of posting, you may want to know the Instagram story viewer order. It refers to how the story viewing list is displayed. That is where you get to know who is viewing your stories. 

Instagram Story Viewer Order

The problem with that list is that it’s not in the order you may think of regarding the viewing timeline. How IG determines the order of Instagram story viewers is quite a mystery. So, how does Insta go about it, and how can you boost those story viewers?

We will answer that and more in this blog, so keep reading. 

What is Instagram Story Viewer Order?

When you check the Instagram story viewers, they are displayed in a particular way from top to bottom. How you see those names appearing refers to the Instagram story viewer order meaning. The problem is how Instagram determines the order. 

The primary expectation is that the Instagram story views order should list people from the first viewer to the last. 

That is, however, not the case since Instagram’s algorithm reverses that. So, at the top, you will see the most recent viewers, while the bottom will have the first viewer. However, more mysteries will arrive if people like your stories. 

What Does Instagram Story Viewer Order Mean

Those who like will, again, appear at the top of the list. If there are accounts that you interact with more, they will also be among the top. 

That will make you wonder, ‘are Instagram story views in order or not?’ The viewers who don’t follow you back will be at the bottom, whether they were the first or last. So, how Instagram determines that list depends on the engagement on your account and the people doing it, among other factors. 

We can all agree, at this point, that it’s still a mystery. 

How to Check Instagram Story Viewer Order?

Here is how you can quickly check the Instagram story view order 2022. 

Step 1: Tap on the profile icon on your IG account and then the three horizontal lines at the top right. 

Step 2: Tap on ‘Archive’ and then go to the story you want to check the viewing order. 

Step 3: Tap the particular story and swipe up to see the list. 

How to Check Instagram Story Viewer Order

How Does Your Instagram Story Viewer Order List?

The Instagram story viewer order will depend on who watched first and last. The first person will be at the bottom, while the most recent will be at the top. If you have accounts you engage with most of the time, they may also appear at the top. 

Those who have liked the story will also be at the top with hearts alongside their names. Some viewers haven’t followed you back. As we said before, those will be at the bottom of the list. 

The list shows you the 50 most recent viewers, although it’s possible to access the whole list when you go to the archives. 

How to Use Instagram Story Viewer Order Properly

Now that people are watching your stories, how can you use that to your benefit? You can use some Instagram story viewers hack tips to ensure that more followers and likes are coming your way. 

How to Take Advantage of Instagram Story Viewer Order

Engage with Higher-Ranked Story Viewers 

There are viewers on your list that have liked your story and maybe even followed you. Some participate in your story, and they also account for what you interact with every day. These are the accounts that you can engage more with. 

You will get better feedback on your stories' performance and what may require changing. 

Focus on Change of Story Viewers Order 

The Instagram story views order may change depending on your activity and the viewers in general. You can check to see who is viewing more since IG notes even the repeated times. That way, you will know if your followers are more interested than those who don’t follow you. 

Attract Lower-Ranked Story Viewers 

To get 1000 free Instagram views and more, you should notice low-ranked story viewers too. Those on the lower part of the list mainly comprise those who only view without any form of engagement. That means some people like your story but haven’t liked or followed it. 

You can use that opportunity to follow them or create story content that will allow them to like or follow your account. 

Bonus: How to Boost Your Instagram Story Viewer Fast 

After checking your Instagram story viewer order, are you happy with the numbers? If the list is long, then you are good to go. For those with few followers, your story may not reach many out there. 

So, the solution here is to use an Instagram story viewer anonymous app to gain free Instagram followers. Those followers can then turn into the story viewers you need. The best app in this story is Getins+ if you want real and active followers on your account without spending anything. 

It has some features to share with you once you install it on your Android (Getinsita+) or iOS (Getinself+)  phone. 

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How to Get Followers to Expand Story Viewers 

You need more followers on your end to get those Instagram story views. Here is how to gain them using Getins+.

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The Bottom Line 

You are now aware of why your Instagram story viewer order is how it is. You can check yours after posting the story to see how it works. If you need more story views on your end, there is nothing wrong with gaining a few followers first. 

You can get that from the Getins+ application. It’s free and quick to acquire. Once those followers join your account, you can proceed to work on posting better stories.

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