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100 Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram & Full Guide to Grow Instagram Likes

Are you looking for the best hashtags for likes on Instagram? Here is a detailed guide to Instagram hashtags and how to use them to increase your likes fast.

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Do you want to increase your like counts on Instagram? You may have made a lot of efforts on earning likes from your audiences by creating great posts, sharing amazing photos, but only saw small changes on your like counts. An easier way to achieve fast increase on likes is using hashtags for likes on Instagram. Using top hashtags for Instagram likes can boost engagement on your posts and help your account grow.

Best Hashtags for Instagram Likes

Not sure which like hashtags to use on your posts? Take a look below to find the best hashtags for likes on Instagram. Also, discover a detailed guide on Instagram hashtags and effective tips to get more likes on Instagram for free.

Part 1: What are Hashtags for Likes on Instagram?

Are you pondering the purpose of using the best hashtags for likes on Instagram? Simply put, hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the “#” icon, which turns them into a clickable and searchable topic.

Using these tags, you can help organize your content into relevant categories on the platform. People can click or search for hashtags to find the content they’re interested in, so your posts can reach the target audience easily.

Part 2: 100 Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram in 2023

Are you thinking about what hashtags get most likes Instagram? For your convenience, here are the 100 best hashtags for likes on Instagram 2023 and the numbers of Instagram posts:

1. #love 2.1B

2. #fashion 1B

3. #photooftheday 1B

4. #beautiful 800M

5. #photography 952M

6. #picoftheday 701M

7. #happy 117M

8. #follow 264M

9. #nature 745M

10. #tbt 579M

11. #instagram 959M

12. #travel 658M

13. #like4like 499M

14. #style 615M

15. #repost 549M

16. #summer 535M

17. #instadaily 600M

18. #selfie 450M

19. #beauty 507M

20. #girl 423M

21. #friends 431M

22. #instalike 472M

23. #me 449M

24. #smile 425M

25. #family 422M

26. #photo 464M

27. #life 419M

28. #likeforlike 330M

29. #music 416M

30. #ootd 411M

31. #makeup 381M

32. #follow4follow 257M

33. #amazing 286M

34. #IGers 278M

35. #nofilter 284M

36. #model 342M

37. #sunset 312M

38. #beach 287M

39. #design 334M

40. #motivation 325M

41. #instamood 270M

42. #foodporn 292M

43. #lifestyle 324M

44. #followforfollow 264M

45. #sky 255M

46. #l4l 224M

47. #f4f 222M

48. #handmade 327M

49. #likeforlikes 375M

50. #cat 271M

Benefits of the Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram

51. #memes 225M

52. #gym 239M

53. #workout 206M

54. #home 200M

55. #holiday 165M

56. #sea 169M

57. #goodmorning 133M

58. #night 133M

59. #healthy 184M

60. #art 649.9M

61. #cute 569.1M

62. #followme 528.5M

63. #business 101M

64. #smallbusiness 104M

65. #training 133M

66. #entrepreneur 93M

67. #baby 224M

68. #swag 147M

69. #party 186M

70. #cool 165M

71. #yummy 193M

72. #wedding 241M

73. #instafood 228M

74. #fitness 500M

75. #fit 186M

76. #black 169M

77. #inspiration 228M

78. #drawing 273M

79. #workout 206M

80. #pink 107M

81. #flowers 248M

82. #hair 236M

83. #trending 259M

84. #viral 285M

85. #lol 169M

86. #marketing 69M

87. #branding 38M

88. #success 82M

89. #sale 95M

90. #onlineshopping 85M

91. #promo 35M

92. #water 87.2M

93. #health 156M

94. #healthylifestyle 113M

95. #boy 104M

96. #funny 229M

97. #reels 361M

98. #dog 353M

99. #car 93.3M

100. #quote 150M

Part 3: Benefits of the Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram

Do you want to learn the benefits of using the best hashtags for likes on Instagram? Here are some advantages of using these best Instagram hashtags for likes:

  • Easier to Get More Instagram Likes:

Using the best hashtags for likes in Instagram requires minimal effort and yields great benefits. It is relatively easy to get more likes without spending much energy.

  • Gain More Exposure on Instagram:

The best hashtags for likes on Instagram provide greater exposure for your target audience. You can simply click on a hashtag and find all the relevant content and posts easily.

  • Get More Engagement:

Using the best Instagram hashtags for likes proves beneficial in boosting engagement on your content. The tagged posts appear more frequently in the relevant feeds and can easily reach the right people.

  • Improve your Brand Sales:

You can create targeted campaigns when you add relevant hashtags to your content. The best hashtags to use on Instagram for likes can help brands and businesses boost their sales via promotions and enhanced visibility.

Part 4: How to Use the Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram

Wondering how to use the best hashtags for likes on Instagram 2022? Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how you can achieve this on your Instagram:

1. For Instagram Story

Step 1: Click on the “+” icon on your Instagram screen and choose “Story” from the options at the bottom. Choose the image or video you wish to add to your story. 

Step 2: Next, tap on the Stickers icon from the top. Scroll down to locate the “#HASHTAG” option and tap on it.  (or you can copy paste Instagram hashtags from the top 100 list.) You can then add the best hashtags for likes on the Instagram story. Tap the “Share” icon to post your story.

Use the Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram Story

2. For Instagram Post

Open Instagram and click the "+" icon from the bottom, then select "Post." Choose the media files you wish to upload and tap the "Next" button. In the "Write a caption" segment, you can add the hashtags of your choice. After that, tap on the "Share" button to post. (If you need hashtag for Instagram followers, just search as the same way.)

Use the Best Hashtags for Likes on Instagram Post

Part 5: How to Get More Likes Without Best Instagram Hashtags for Likes

Although using the best hashtags for likes and followers on Instagram is easy and efficient, results might be slow. An easy alternative to hashtags is Getins+.

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Here are a few benefits GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ provides to its users:

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  • 100% Safe and Private: GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ is a secure, malware-free tool that is 100% safe to use. The best app to get Instagram likes does not require lengthy surveys or human verification, so you can use it without trouble.

2. How to Get Free Insta Likes on GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+

To get free likes on Instagram using GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and Launch the app

Download and install the GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ app on your phone, then launch the application.

Step 2: Earn Coins

After launching the app, add your Instagram account to it, luckily, you can get Instagram likes without password. Next, go to the “Missions” section and complete simple tasks in exchange for coins.

Step 3: Exchange Coins for Likes

Once you have enough coins, head over to the in-app store. Next, select the number of likes you wish to receive, select your post, and use your coins to get free likes without using the best hashtags for likes on Instagram.

How to Get Free Insta Likes Without Hashtags

The Bottom Line

Instagram hashtags are an easy and effective way to increase the like count on your posts. The above-mentioned read lets you know some of the best hashtags for likes on Instagram. If you want to receive free likes and followers on Instagram without much trouble, you can use the remarkable GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ app.

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