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How to Get Instagram Comment Likes Fast and Free [Tips & Tools]

How to get comment likes on your Instagram posts? Check multiple useful tips and tools we shared in the post to get more Instagram comment likes free.

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Instagram is one of the social platforms where brands and individuals invest their time while posting their beautiful pictures and videos. It’s an attractive social form that people like to consume lately, but getting Instagram comments and even Instagram comment likes is another story altogether.  

Instagram Comment Likes

Getting Instagram comment likes means your response is getting to more people. It also increases engagement along with other benefits. So, where can you get free Instagram followers who can pour Instagram comment likes free and help you promote your content? 

You need tools that will help you get such to ease the struggle of trying to promote your IG account. We have a few suggestions that you can try out, plus one of the best recommendations. Getting likes on Instagram free is not as hard as you, though, if you have the right solutions. 

Part 1: Why Do You Need Instagram Comment Likes?

You are posting quality content and following all other rules and suggestions. Getting IG comments likes means that the effort you put into place bears fruit. If you are getting responses, it means people are interested in what you just posted. 

When there are likes on them, it implies that the conversation is now heading somewhere. There are also more chances of free Instagram followers, offers, and purchases, among other goodies that are up for grabs.

Why Get Instagram Comment Likes

There are more reasons to engage an Instagram comment like generator in a world where more people are finding solutions on social media and the internet. More likes to your comments and those contributed by others also increase the chances of your content appearing on the news feed. 

Reaching more people that way is what you require to get the conversion rates that pay or allow you to take the next course of action. Let’s see where you can get Instagram comment likes using various recommendable strategies. 

Part 2: How to Get Organic Instagram Comment Likes

Before we get to the Instagram comment like generator recommendations, we can start with some approved organic ways to get comment likes on Instagram free. Since you are posting and getting the response, here is what you can do to increase the response rate and the likes. 

  • Comment ASAP: We live in a world where messages get to people quickly, thanks to IG and other social media accounts. So, whenever you see that comment, you can start by giving it a like and immediate response. Those involved will know it’s easy and fast to talk to you, and that’s how you get to trigger a few likes. 

  • Comment something different: Don’t be the guy with the same or predictable responses all the time. If you are solving an issue, comment on something that will keep the conversation going. There is nothing wrong with staying unique but ensure you apply that appropriately. 

    Organic Ways to Get Instagram Comment Likes

  • Like your comment yourself: Charity begins at home, so you can start getting Instagram comment likes by liking people’s responses. We have suggested that already but note that it will allow others to follow suit. 

  • Get more followers: More IG comment likes will come from the followers on your account. So, without the Instagram followers app, improve your ways of attracting followers to gain them and have them view and comment on your videos, stories, etc.  

Part 3: How to Get Instagram Comment Likes Faster with Tools?

Combining the above ways with the Instagram auto liker options that we suggest below can be a good start. Here are some of the famous recommendations that you can try. They have shortfalls and winning sides, but many have used them to gain Instagram comment likes and followers. 


If you have never heard of IGHoot, it’s a website (with an app version, too) that will help you gain likes on your videos, posts, stories, and of course, the comments under them. You simply need to add your account to enjoy the benefits. 

IG Hoot for Instagram Comment Likes

It has an Instagram comment likes bot that searches for people with the same interests as you. You can also use it to download content from IG as you boost your account. It claims to work 100%, and the results pour in in a matter of minutes. 

The pros and cons of acquiring this Instagram comment likes option include the following:


  • You can use the website or the app version to acquire comment likes and more. 

  • There is a free plan that allows you to try IGHoot 

  • It has other features, such as downloading other videos and pictures from Instagram 

  • It links you with followers who share the same interests as you


  • It uses a bot to increase comment likes and other forms of IG engagement.

  • You can risk your account getting banned if the likes are generated in minutes. 

  • You need the paid plan to get rid of the numerous annoying ads 

Comment Likes Pro for Instagram 

You can also get more Instagram comment likes from the Comment Likes Pro for Instagram app. It’s available for Android users, and anyone with Android 4.1 and above can have it. So, it’s compatible with most of the current devices. 

Comment Likes Pro for Instagram Comment Likes

You can get it from the play store, and it’s free to use. The best part about this Instagram follower boost app is that it’s centered on comments. You can use it to make that comment popular and have more followers reading and sharing it with others. 


  • You can post comments and get auto-likes easily 

  • Works with most the Android devices 

  • It’s free to use


  • Most of the likes are auto-generated. That may not be good for your account. 

  • You have to deal with ads. 

  • There is no iOS version of the app. You can, however, get a browser extension. 

Part 4: Get Instagram Comment Likes with More Free Followers 

As we have seen, the above recommendations also have their winning sides and pitfalls. If you want a guaranteed way to get Instagram comment likes without risking your account, you need to try the third recommendation – Getins+.

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It’s an Instagram comment liker for Android (Getinsita+) and iOS(Getinself+) devices with Instagram installed on them. It’s free to use and how it works is why we recommend it to anyone who would like to increase likes on comments. 

Once you add your IG account, the Instagram follower boost app will respond with the following advantages. 

Benefits of Getins+ 

  • Get IG Comment Likes with Free Followers 

Getins+ will get you free Instagram followers who will like Instagram comments on your content. The followers have active accounts, meaning there is no bot work. You can also contribute by commenting and liking other comments on the application. 

  • Obtain Comment Likes from All Real Users 

Getins+ is the best app to get Instagram likes because it gets you real users who will comment and like other responses. As we said in the last point, those who engage have running accounts on Instagram. So, there will be no fake followers triggering fake likes on comments. 

  • Guarantee Safety, No Human Verification

You only need the username on this Instagram followers free trial app to start gaining likes on those comments. There are no verifications to prove you are a human, and your information stays within the Getins+ circles. 

  • Enjoy Extra Free Likes on Posts, Reels, Stories 

As you get the likes on comments, they will also trickle to your stories, videos and anything else you post on IG. The likes benefit will spread across your content, and more people will get a chance to familiarize themselves with what you publish. 

How to Get Free Followers for Comment Likes with Getins+ 

The road to getting free Instagram comment likes involves the following steps: 

Step 1: Download Getins+ from the official website. Install and launch, and then sign up for an account. 

Sign up on Getins+ for Instagram Comment Likes

Step 2: Add your Instagram username and claim the signing up and joining reward. It’s a few coins to help you get started. 

Claim Coins Reward for Instagram Comment Likes

Step 3: Earn more coins by following other accounts, commenting and liking other comments, liking posts, and recommending the app to friends. You can join the lucky draw and sign in daily to claim the reward. 

Use the coins to purchase followers who will view, comment, and like the comments. 

Get Followers with Coins for Instagram Comment Likes


The Bottom Line 

Getting this far means realizing a few ways to get Instagram comment likes. Our best advice is to use the organic methods we have shared with an app like Getins+ to get those likes quickly. 

This app will get you those comments, likes, followers, and more ways to expand and enrich your IG profile with productive activity. Give it a try today by visiting the main website.

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