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Get 10K Views on Reels Instagram Free: 5 Easy Tips + Reel Views Increase Apps

Want to get 10k views on Reels Instagram overnight? Here you can access 5 effective tips, and the best 5 tested apps to get Instagram Reels 10k views free.

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These days, short videos are becoming more prevalent, and Instagram also explored its short-video feature, Instagram Reels. As soon as Reels went online, it gained the love of a large number of users. It is an excellent platform for individuals and businesses to appeal to followers and promote products. Many people try hard to get Instagram Reels 10k views quickly but end in vain. While this article will give you five useful tips and introduce the five best apps to get 10k views on Reels fast and free.

Get 10k Views on Reels

5 Tips to Get 10K Views on Reels Instagram Fast

To get Instagram Reels 10k views free as soon as possible, you can make reference the following five tips. Using these methods, you have a great chance to appeal to more views on Reels. Have a look at these valuable tips one by one.

1. Add Hot Hashtags

Hashtags help the Instagram algorithm identify your content and then recommend it to more users who are interested in this theme. Proper use of tags can make it easier for your posts to become popular. And then get more views on Reels.

Add Hot Hashtags to Get Reels Views

2. Share Reels with Others

Sharing your Reels with other users is also a strategy to get views on Reel. However, it is important to note that it is best not to bulk retweet over a period of time, which Instagram may judge to violate the Community Guidelines.

3. Give CTA Words

CTA is short for Call to Action. Using more CTA words in your videos, such as following now, commenting, etc., can increase audience engagement, which in turn increases the visibility and views of Reels.

4. Buy Instagram Views

There are now also channels to buy views on Reels. But getting 10k views on Reels is also a big deal. In addition, if Instagram detects that you have purchased fake views, your account also risks being banned.

5. Use Reels Views Increase Apps

Another way to get Instagram Reels 10k views free is to use Reels views increase apps. There are multiple apps that can deliver free and real views to your Reels account. Among various applications, the following five tools are recommended. Most of them are handy and practical to use. You can select one to install and try to obtain Instagram Reels views with it.

Overview of 5 Apps to Get 10K Views on Reels Instagram

Here are 5 recommended apps to get 10k views on Reels. All of them are practical, but they may have several nuances in price, service, compatibility, etc. You can refer to the overall comparison of these five apps and then pick one to use.

App Name




Real Reels Views



Followers, Likes

Android & iOS


IG Liker


Followers, Likes

Android & iOS




Followers, Likes, Reel Views



Ins Followers


Followers, Likes

Android & iOS


Insta Followers Pro


Followers, Likes

Online & Android


Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ - Boost 10K Views on Reels Instagram Real

Getins+ is one of the best Instagram Reels views increase apps. As an Instagram follower boost app, it provides unlimited real and active followers increase daily. And furthermore, you have a chance to get 5k, 10k, and 100k Reels viewers without limits. This powerful app is available on both Android (called Getinsita+)and iOS (called Getinself+). Just finish several simple tasks, and you can get coins to exchange for free Instagram followers, likes, and more. You can download it from its official website here: 

Increase Instagram 5000 Reels Likes FREE !
  • Get free Instagram Reels likes to boost Instagram Reels views.
  • 50 - 1000 free Instagram Reels likes trials to choose from.
  • Choose multiple Instagram Reels to get likes at the same time.

Why Choose Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+?

  • Free 10K Reels Views with Unlimited Followers

Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ can deliver unlimited followers to your IG account. You can get these new followers by changing with coins, which are free to obtain. With these followers, you can possess more targeted audiences and get more Instagram Reels views

  • Higher Engagement with Real Users

This Instagram follower boost app offers a real user community. Therefore, you can obtain real Instagram likes, comments from followers who’re interested in your content, and share your Reels, posts, stories, etc to their IG friends.

Getins+: Best Free Auto Liker for Instagram

Auto Instagram Likes

  • Get Free Instagram Likes from Authentic, 100% REAL.

  • Gain Insta Likes in Multiple Modes: Instant, Daily, Auto.

  • Boost Instagram Likes on Posts, Reels, Comments Fast.

  • Unique Feature: Auto IG Likes for 20, 50 Upcoming Posts.

  • Fast Reels Views Growth

This app will deliver free Instagram followers within 24 hours. You can easily get daily and instant followers plans and then it will deliver your Reels views free 10k views organically at a natural frequency and intervals.

  • 100% Safe & Private to Use

There is no password, no survey, and no malware to use this app. You can get free Instagram followers directly. It is entirely safe and private to use.

How to Get Followers to Boost 10K Reels Views with Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+

After learning what Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ is and why to choose it, have a look at how to get 10k views on Reels by getting followers with it:

Step 1. Download and install Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ and launch the app. Log in with your Instagram profile.

Step 2. Get virtual coins by doing simple tasks.

Step 3. Click Followers on the dashboard and exchange for free followers with coins.

How to Get 10k Views on Reels

IG Liker - Get 10K Views on Reels Instagram Fast

IG liker is a helpful app for Android and iOS users who are eager for more Instagram likes and followers. You can accumulate virtual coins by doing several tasks and then buy free Instagram followers and likes with those coins. After obtaining thousands of Instagram followers, you have a great opportunity to get 10k views on Reels.

Get 10k Views on Reels with IG Liker


igToolsPanel - Increase 10K Views on Reels Online

igToolsPanel is one of the best private Instagram viewer apps. It is an easy-to-navigate online tool to get views on Reels, followers, and likes on Instagram. Using it, you are able to get 1000 free Instagram views. This online tool is completely free and works on any device. How to get 10k views on Reels with it? You just paste the URL of your Reels video and type the number of views you need. Then it will automatically deliver views to your account within seconds.

Get 10k Views on Reels with igToolsPanel

Ins Followers - 10K Views on Reels for iOS & Android

Ins Followers is another suggested app to get free Instagram followers and then obtain 10k Reel views free. With its Instagram followers free trial, you can get instant and authentic IG followers within a day. This app is available on Android and iOS. No password is required to get IG followers with it. You can download it from  

Get 10k Views on Reels with Ins Followers

Insta Followers Pro - Get 10K Views on Reels for Insta

Insta Followers Pro is also an effective tool to get free Instagram followers, and further, you can get Instagram Reels 10k views. It provides both an online tool and an Android app. Also, it uses the coin exchange system. It is easy to get 1000 free Instagram views, but you must log in with your account to get followers .

Get 10k Views on Reels with Insta Followers Pro

The Bottom Line

Find your Instagram reels getting no views? There are multiple methods to get 10k views on Reels. The above content has introduced several tips and tools. But in comparison, Instagram views increase apps, like Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+, can lead to an instant increase in your Reels views. It is a better choice if you want to get 10k Reels views overnight. 

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