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How to Use Instagram Collab Feature on Reels and Post Feed

Not sure how to use Instagram collab feature? Check out this article and understand how to improve Instagram account reach with a simple method.

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Instagram is successfully increasing its user base, making it more and more challenging to grow on this platform for influencers. In this situation, posting regularly is no more optional as you must keep posting on your account to grow it. 

How To Use Instagram Collab For Reels And Posts

It not only helps you reach a new audience but also keeps your current audience engaged. In the process, you must understand how to use Instagram collab feature to collaborate with others and reach out to their audiences as well. 

This article will show you how to use Instagram collab tool for reels and post feeds. 

What is Instagram Collabs & How Do Instagram Collabs Work?

The Instagram collab is a tool that lets you collaborate with other users to promote your posts (and reels) on their feeds as well. If you wonder how Instagram collabs work, or what is Instagram collab? It simply means that your post will reach both your audience and other users’ audience as well. 

This tool was introduced by Instagram so that brands and influencers can collaborate with each other with complete transparency. The Instagram collab post works by letting you tag the other person in your post so that they can approve the request and feature in it. Instagram keeps the post hidden until the other person approves the request to be a collaborator in it. 

Benefits of Using Instagram Collaboration Feature 

After knowing what is Instagram Collabs and how it works, now, let’s see what’s the specific benefits Instagram collaboration will bring to you:

Benefit 1: Makes collaborating simple

You no longer need to shout out to others by mentioning them in the caption. Now, you can simply use the Instagram collab feature and let everyone know you are collaborating with them. 

Benefit 2: Helps you reach a new audience

The collaboration post will be shared with the audience of both collaborators. It means you will get reach from their audience as well.

Benefit 3: Offers complete transparency

When a brand collaborates with an influencer through this feature, it establishes a sense of trust in the influencer’s audience and it works as a recommendation for them. Also, it offers complete transparency that the Influencer is officially collaborating with the brand.

Benefit 4: Lets you choose whether to collaborate or not

The collab tool sends a request to the other person when someone uses this feature to collaborate with them. The other user can accept or reject the request, giving them complete control over the collaboration. 

Using Instagram Collab Feature Online

How to Collab with Someone on Instagram

Using Instagram's collab tool is quite easy; anyone can use it by following simple steps. However, it is important to know how to make an Instagram collab post to avoid any confusion. Since there is a different process to collaborate on Instagram reels and Instagram post feeds, the following text will introduce how to use Instagram collab for reels and posts separately.

How to Instagram Collab for Reels

To collab with someone on an Instagram reel to quickly increase Instagram reels views, follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload Reel

Start by uploading the video that you want to share as an Instagram reel. You can choose the video from your smartphone.

Step 2: Send an Invite

How To Use Instagram Collab For Reels - Step 2

After uploading the video (and adding the captions), click on the tag people option and choose to invite a collaborator from there. Search for the username and tap on the confirm button. Upload the video and it will send a request to the collaborator.

Step 3: Ask the collaborator to approve the request

The collaborator will receive a request in the DMs. They can click on the review option and tap on the approve option there.

The reel will be uploaded to the feeds of both collaborators as soon as the other collaborator approves the request.

How to Instagram Collab for Feed Posts

To create an Instagram collab post with someone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload the video

Start by uploading the video on your Instagram account as a simple post. After that, you can add the caption to your video and add other details like location or hashtags.

Step 2: Invite collaborator

How To Use Instagram Collab For Post Feed - Step 3

Click on the tag people option and choose the invite a collaborator from the next frame. Search for the person you want to collaborate with and wait for them to approve the request.

Step 3: Approving the request

Instagram will send a request to the collaborator’s DM. They can approve or reject your request by clicking on the review option. Once they approve the request, Instagram will make the post live and both the audiences can see the post on their feeds.

How to Promote Your Instagram without Instagram Collabs

Instagram collabs offer an amazing way to promote your Instagram posts to a new audience. However, there are many other ways that let you promote your content without putting in much effort. Getins+ is one such application that lets you increase Instagram followers, likes, comments, and reels likes. 

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Steps of using Getins+ to promote an Instagram account:

Step1: Install Getins+

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Step2: Register

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Step3: Get Instagram likes, comments, and reels views

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The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that the Instagram collaboration feature is a great addition for Influencers, brands, and other users. It increases the transparency of brand collaborations and adds clarity to the audience’s minds. Another solution to get more followers on Instagram is using an application called Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+.  Why not follow both the methods shared in this article to get the best results? 

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