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How to Get New Instagram Followers: 6 Easy & Instant Methods

Eager to know how to get new Instagram followers instantly? Here provide 6 proven methods, including Instagram followers app and other effective ones.

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Instagram is currently one of the most prevalent social platforms. Billions of users prefer to share their daily photos and videos on it. The number of Instagram followers is essential in proving the account's influence. For individuals, having more fans means a higher profile of the individual and higher odds of becoming an Instagram celebrity. For businesses, having more followers on Instagram can help you increase traffic to your website, increase sales, and earn more money.

How to Get New Instagram Followers

This article shows you how to get new Instagram followers fastest. Keep reading if you are looking forward to quick growth tricks.

6 Quick Tips - How to Get New Instagram Followers

Admittedly, multiple effective and efficient ways can help you get more new Instagram followers. We’d love to recommend six fast and practical methods in this guide. Check out the following detailed tutorials and find one suitable for you to perform.

1. Use an Instagram Followers App

Suppose you are new to Instagram how to get followers? One of the fastest ways to get new followers is using the Instagram followers app. In general, this kind of app allows you to get free daily Instagram followers easily. Among various Instagram follower apps in the industry, we highly recommend Getins+. It is a reliable and effective Instagram account assistant, which helps you get free, real, unlimited Instagram followers, likes, comments, Instagram Reels views, etc. It is straightforward to use with an easy-to-navigate user interface. The application is lightweight and available on both Android as Getinsita+ and iOS asGetinself+. You can download and install it for free from its official website.

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Below, you will know about how efficient Getins+ is to boost free Instagram followers on your profile.

  • Instant Instagram growth

Within a few steps, you can effortlessly get new Instagram followers. Just type the account you want to add followers to, then Getins+ will deliver real and high-quality followers to your account in minutes.

  • Real & high-quality followers

Getins+ promises to offer you real and active Instagram followers. These high-quality followers can bring remarkable organic traffic growth to your IG account.

  • Unlimited free service

Instead of an Instagram followers free trial within a limited period, using Getins+, you can get new followers on Instagram without limits or spending any penny. To get those followers, the virtual coins are enough. You can get those coins by doing several simple tasks, such as lucky draws, daily check-ins, sharing this app with others, etc. Unlimited free followers are accessible.

  • No risk to personal info, and the IG account

The Instagram followers app is safe and private. It provides all users with advanced security protocols without any hidden catches. Your account data and personal information are guaranteed.

How to get new Instagram followers with Getins+

After having a basic understanding of Getins+, let’s turn to how to get new followers on Instagram with it. Within the following three simple steps, you can get IG followers instantly.

Step 1. Download the app on your Android phone or iPhone.

Step 2. Launch the app, log in, or create a new account with your email. Then add an Instagram username to it.

Step 3. Get the daily reward and get more new Instagram followers using virtual coins.

Get New Instagram Followers with App

2. Adopt the Follow for Follow Approach

The follow-for-follow is an act of following other accounts and expecting them to follow back. This method may be random, but it is effective overall. However, you’d better pay attention not to follow too many users at once, such as hundreds of users a day. This behavior may violate the rules of the Instagram community and carries the risk of a ban on your IG account.

How to get new Instagram followers by using the follow-for-follow approach

How to get new IG followers by following them? How to increase the probability of the others’ following back? Here are some tips for you:

Follow those who will properly like your shared content by referring to the videos or photos they posted. Then wait for them to follow back. You can also send a private message to indicate that you want to follow each other to enhance the success rate.

Follow Others on Instagram for New Followers

3. Share Your Profile on Other Social Platforms

You may expect to get Instagram followers without following. If so, promoting your Instagram profile on other platforms can also help get new Instagram followers, especially on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. You'll find that some Instagram bloggers or vloggers with millions of followers usually operate accounts on other platforms. Posting content under other platform accounts and mentioning your Instagram account will also bring you traffic and followers.

How to get new Instagram followers by sharing your profile on other social platforms

It is not complicated to operate. Just log into other social platforms, like YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook. Setting the same username on any platform is recommended. Then share videos or photos on those platforms while quoting your Instagram profile.

Share Instagram Profile on Other Platforms

4. Launch an Instagram Giveaway

The Instagram giveaway is a limited-time promotion or advertising behavior. By giving away products or services to the lucky participants, you can appeal to users to follow, like, or comment on your Instagram account. This way is very beneficial for growing fans and promoting the brand.

How to get new Instagram followers by launching an Instagram giveaway

First, set the specific amount of the Instagram giveaway and decide whether the reward will be money or another product. Then determine the requirements for participants, whether you need likes, followers, retweets, or whatever. Finally, promote your Instagram giveaway through some social accounts.

Launch an Instagram Giveaway

5. Collaborate with Brands on Instagram

Collaborating with influential or popular brands can also attract the attention of other users. Fabulously, it's a win-win approach. You can benefit from these brands and attract new followers. At the same time, these brands can increase brand awareness through your promotional content.

How to get new Instagram by collaborating with brands

Look for brands relevant to your account’s theme to work with. For example, if your account mainly deals with pet-related content, contact those well-known pet brands, find their official accounts, check cooperation channels, and make contact.

Get New Instagram Followers by Collaborating

6. Use Instagram Reels for More Followers

Instagram Reels is a looping video feature that Instagram newly develops. Posting interesting, engaging Instagram Reels is easier to get new Instagram followers. Instagram Reels has more viewers than the traditional way of sharing videos and photos. And high-quality, original Reel videos can help increase your follower and popularity on Instagram.

How to get new Instagram followers by using Instagram Reels

Launch Instagram, then click on the video play icon at the bottom. Then press the camera icon on the top right corner. You can import a video clip to post as a reel or record a video with the camera. Meanwhile, adding hashtags for Instagram followers is a good way to encourage more fans when reaching new audiences. Make sure to choose the right and popular hashtags on your Reels posts.

Use Instagram Reels to Get Followers

Achieving fast new Instagram followers growth by posting Reels means that your content is visible to more people. Hence, you should first get some good tips to grow Instagram Reels views.

The Bottom Line

This article mainly talks about how to get new Instagram followers using the easiest and fastest methods. In comparison, an Instagram follower app is more efficient and instant. Within several clicks, you can get high-quality followers daily. While other methods require you to take some action and wait for the results. When it comes to the best Instagram followers app, Getins+ is an excellent option. It is practical and free to access. You might as well give it a try to make your IG account more valuable.

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