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How to Get Free IG Likes on Android & iOS 2023

Get the free IG likes on your Instagram account with a free app. Download on Android and iOS devices to get free Instagram likes.

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Do you feel your Instagram posts are not getting as many likes as they deserve? Worry not!

This blog will show you how to get free IG likes on any Instagram account you want. The complete process to get free IG likes is quite easy; anyone can do it by following this guide. 

Free IG Likes App for Instagram Guide

By the end of this guide, you will understand how to get 50 to 1000 IG likes (initially) and utilize the recommended app to get more and more followers.

Get Free Instagram Likes App - Fast & Free

As we mentioned, you can get unlimited Instagram likes with the IG free likes app. The recommended application is safe and provides a better and more reliable way to get free IG likes online.

So let’s get to the point. Getins+ is the application that will instantly give you free IG likes on any Instagram account. The application is designed to help users get more likes, followers, comments, and story likes on their accounts.

This app works on both Android and iOS devices. Another great thing is you do not need to enter your Instagram account’s password to use this application. All you need is the username of the Instagram account to use it. (we will cover the steps later in this article)

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Let’s cover some of its features to help you understand this application easily.

1. 50 to 1000 Free IG Likes

The app gives you multiple choices to get free Instagram likes trials to meet your requirements. These options allow you to choose how many Instagram likes you need on your profile. For example, if you want the likes to look real, you can choose the plan for 50 likes and repeat it after regular intervals.

Similarly, if you want to make a post viral instantly, you can go for a 1000 likes pack and get some quick likes on your account.

The best part is you can get all these packs for free, as you won’t need to spend anything (other than in-app coins) here.

2. Fast & Real

The likes you get from this website are real and delivered within a few minutes. It means you do not need to wait for the app to deliver the likes for hours now. Simply upload the task, and you will start getting likes instantly.

3. Reels Likes Support

Here comes the most interesting feature of this application. You can now publish tasks to get likes on your Instagram reels. This Instagram auto liker without login is one of the few applications that let you enjoy this feature.

You only need to select the reel you want to promote and select how many likes you want. The app will start delivering according to the timings you choose.

Free Instagram Reels Likes Support

How to Use Free IG Likes App

You must be wondering how to use this application to get Instagram likes on a profile. Let us end your wait here and share the easiest guide to help you use this free IG likes app to get thousands of likes on your profile.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Download and Install

Download the application from its official website and install it on your smartphone. The application may install the Getins+ installer before installing the actual application on your device. So, follow the on-screen instructions to install the app on your device.

2. Sign up and Claim Coins

The next step is to sign up to the platform and claim the free coins for logging in to the application. It will ask you to add your Instagram account to your Getins+ account. Complete the process and claim the coins.  You can now use these coins to get likes on your account. However, you will need to earn more coins to publish tasks in the future. Coins can be used for free Instagram followers too.

Free IG Likes Task

You can earn more coins by logging in daily, participating in a lucky draw, and verifying your email.

3. Get Free Ig Likes

That’s it! Now you are all set to get Instagram likes on your profile. Simply choose the post or reel where you want to get the likes. Now, choose the plan and start the process.

Tricks to Use Free IG Likes App

You now clearly understand how to use this app to get free IG likes on any Instagram post or reel. However, let us share some more interesting tricks to use this app and get maximum benefits.

The app requires you to spend in-app coins to get free Instagram likes. So, here are some easy tricks to earn these coins effortlessly.

Trick1 - Claim Daily Coins

The Getins+ application gives you daily rewards just for signing in to this application every day. That’s the easiest way to earn coins; you just need to join this app daily.

Trick 2 - Join Lucky Draws

You can also join the lucky draws on this app and get bonus coins by participating in these lucky draws. Keep checking the application to stay updated with the ongoing and upcoming lucky draws.

Lucky Draw On Free IG Likes App

Trick 3 - Tap the Lucky Box

There’s a lucky box in this application. Tap on this box, and you will get some coins for free. Everyone gets a different number of coins through this box. So, try your luck and earn some extra coins.

Trick 4 - Verify Email

You can also earn coins for verifying the email address you use to create the account. Simply check the link you receive in your inbox and click on the verify button.

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Getting free IG likes is a great way to boost your Instagram account without any investments. Here, we tried to help you with how to get free Instagram likes on your Android and iOS devices.

You can always refer to our complete guide to understand how to use the application (Getins+) we shared in this article.

You can find many other applications like these on the internet. However, we went with this specific app because of its ability to instantly deliver free IG likes. Also, the likes are from real and active users, which makes it much better than its alternatives. 

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