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Follow Unfollow Method on Instagram to Get Free Instagram Followers

Wondering if it is the right way to follow unfollow Instagram without hurting your account? Check how you can do it rightly and grow Instagram followers quickly.

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People try all manner of things to get free Instagram followers. Following the organic way takes a long process, although it bears fruits in the end. If you follow an evil plan, then your account risks getting banned. One of the tried practices to get more people on your account is follow unfollow Instagram method. It has worked for several accounts. If you, however, don’t know how to use it, there are significant negative consequences. 

Follow Unfollow Instagram

Let’s look at how follow unfollow on Instagram works and the benefits and disadvantages. You will learn how to incorporate the method using a recommendable application. 

What is Follow Unfollow Method on Instagram? 

The follow unfollow method refers to following many accounts over a stipulated period of time and then unfollowing the ones that don’t follow you back. You can also unfollow a few of those who followed you. 

You can also have algorithms to follow accounts and then unfollow them later if they don’t get the unfollow message after some time. It’s the act of following and unfollowing accounts with the hope of increasing the overall following. 

Many have used it by applying certain following limitations. For example, if you have 100 followers only, you can follow up to 25 accounts daily. Too much following and unfollowing are dangerous, as we will see below. 

Is Follow Unfollow Method Good?

As have said, people have tried it before to get Instagram followers free, and there are positive results if you know what you are doing. It, however, has its downsides. You risk your account getting banned if you follow accounts blindly, among other mistakes we will discuss in the next section. 

So, it’s a good idea to maintain a follow unfollow method that resonates with your account and status. 

The main advantage is that you will earn followers faster than just posting and waiting for reactions. Also, as your account grows, you will attract more followers by following more accounts. More benefits, such as becoming a brand ambassador and getting the word out quickly, will come your way by having a large following. 

The disadvantage is that you risk losing your account. If you don’t know the follow unfollow method on Instagram and how to go about it, you risk following too many accounts at once. 

That can be alarming. Also, if you follow people who don’t like your content, they will unfollow you later. You can’t force them to stay there anyway. 

Wrong Practices of Follow Unfollow on Instagram 

As you pick this method to raise your following, here are the wrong follow unfollow Instagram ways to make your account go MIA. 

Follow Unfollow on Instagram Wrong Practices

  • Wrong Practice 1: Follow Random People 

If you follow people blindly, there is a high risk of these people unfollowing you. So, you may not gain much from that. The random following will trigger an activity worthy of Instagram’s checking. That means your account is on the verge of getting banned. 

  • Wrong Practice 2: Follow Inactive Accounts 

You may follow accounts, but there is not much activity that goes on there. Such accounts will only slow down your growth pace since they will not be regularly watching your content. Inactive accounts also have a timeline. So, after a long period of inactivity, such accounts disappear. 

  • Wrong Practice 3: Follow Bot or Fake People 

You have heard of fake accounts on Instagram or accounts generated using bots. Such accounts do not have humans operating behind them. You risk losing your account since you have followers with no human activity. 

  • Wrong Practice 4: Unfollowing People too Fast 

It’s the follow unfollow Instagram way, so you have to unfollow at some point. On the other hand, doing it too soon after following is not a good idea. Those you follow may do the same to you, and Instagram has a limit to unfollowing people.

It’s a good idea to wait a week before unfollowing people after the massive following. 

  • Wrong Practice 5: Overusing the Feature 

You have to check the follow unfollow Instagram limitations. Overusing it means that people will realize you are doing some fake job. It will also harm your Instagram account, as you might guess. 

Right Way of Follow for Unfollow on Instagram 

As you follow unfollow Instagram, you will gain followers after some time without actually following them. The problem with the unfollowing part is that others will unfollow you too. The best way out here is to use an Instagram followers app that will help you follow and get followers. 

One of the best ones is Getins+, which is not a follow unfollow app Instagram but a follow-for-follow application. 

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You only need to install it on your Android(Getinsita+) or iOS(Getinself) device and add your Instagram account. The rest is easy since it’s a matter of earning coins on this Instagram followers app to purchase followers. 

Getins+ Top Follow App Instagram Features 

  • Follow to Get Free Coins. You can get more coins on the application by just following other accounts. There are 100 coins for every account followed. Once you earn enough coins, you can buy followers who will join your account later. If you don't want to do follow task, you can also get coins by doing other types of coin tasks thanks to it being a good app to get Instagram followers without following.

  • Like, Comment, and Do More Tasks to Get Free Coins. You can get more coins by liking, commenting, and joining the lucky draw. Verifying your email and adding Instagram accounts will also earn you more coins. So, instead of unfollowing people after the follow back, you can earn more coins to get the followers you require. 

  • Get Free Instagram Followers with Coins. Once you earn coins, you can use them to purchase followers on Getins+. That means you don’t need to spend anything to get more followers on your IG account. You can enjoy its Instagram followers free trial forever.

  • No Password, No Payment, No Verification. With Getins+, your Instagram account is safe. It will not ask for the password, and you don’t need to make any cash payments for any progress. There is also no human verification here. It’s safe and easy to use as you chase those followers. 

How to Get Free Followers with Follow for Follow App Instagram 

Do you want to earn those followers without the big unfollowing hustle before returning on the horse? Here are the steps you need to earn them using GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+.

Step 1: Download the GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ application from the main website. After that, install, create an account and then log in. 

Step 2: Add your Instagram username. This is a free Instagram follower without password application. So it will not request the IG password. 

Step 3: Follow accounts, like posts, verify your email, and recommend the app to friends to earn coins. Once you get enough, use them to purchase the followers for your account. 

Use Coins to Get Followers with Follow for Follow App


The follow unfollow Instagram methodology has its remedies and flaws, as we have seen. It’s therefore advisable to use it with caution as you get those followers. If you don’t want to risk your account, though, there is an Instagram followers app like GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ to get followers for you. 

You can use it to execute your first free Instagram followers trial before recommending it to others who would like a large following on IG without risking their account.

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