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TopFollow App/APK: Get Instagram Followers and Likes Fast [Free]

TopFollowers App/APK can increase Instagram followers and likes fast for free. Download the Top Follower app/APK to build a large following without effort.

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Do you want to get more followers and likes on Instagram? In this article, we’re going to introduce TopFollow app/APK for Instagram to boost your account. Nowadays everyone wants to be popular and attract the attention of others. Thus, they want to get maximum followers and likes on their Instagram accounts.

TopFollow App

Getting plenty of followers means you can be free to express your feelings to a wider audience. But sometimes it's hard to get more followers. So here we have selected Top Followed app, one of the best apps that will help you surge your Instagram followers and likes count in no time. It’s available on Android and iOS. You can download it for free.

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What Is TopFollow App?

TopFollow app is a widely-used Instagram followers app to get a lot of followers and likes. Many users are gaining popularity among IG users through this app. It will guarantee you an instant boost by adding real followers to your account. Also, the app allows users to choose the “like” boost plan to get thousands of likes in a short time.

An interesting fact about this app takes the coins system to enhance the connection between users. That being said, you can complete tasks to earn a certain number of coins. Then you can use those coins to get many followers and likes for free.

Version: 5.0.2

Last update: 19.12.22

Ranking: Top 10 Most downloaded apps for Increasing Instagram

Size: 11.9 MB

Operating system:Android and iOS


Price: Paid and Free Version

Why TopFollow?

Many users worldwide have built a successful profiles with TopFollow app. And there are other Instagram followers apps that can also do the favor to your Instagram account. So, why do you choose TopFollow among other top-niche apps or sites? Here are the main reasons:

Increase followers and likes like the organic

TopFollow app brings you followers by doing an exposure job. It grows your account organically by putting your profile in front of your target audience. So they are more likely to follow you and get to know what you say and what thoughts you share. Those matter most in building a deeper connection and improving engagement which is crucial to make your posts more popular and attracting more followers organically.

Safe and Secure

You can safely increase your number of followers with Top Follow app. First, it delivers reall followers and likes naturally so you will not be worried about being published or shadowban by Instagram. Then, Top Follow app/APK is a trusted and proven tool to help more than 1000,000 Instagrammers strike success on Instagram. No hacking or virus issues have been reported. You can rest assured to take advantage of it to hit your milestones like 10K and 50K followers.

Free Followers and Likes with Unlimited Coins

Thanks to its credits or coins system, you can use TopFollow app to increase your popularity for free. You have chances to get a daily bonus which offers you a decent number of coins for free. You can use the Unlimited Coins Code or Coupons to get as many coins as possible. Also, you can hack more coins by doing simple tasks. After collecting a considerable number of coins, you can spend them to hack 10 Instagram followers for free.

Note: You can also buy coins if you want to build a large following like 1 million. The price is relatively cheap compared with other competitors.

No Bots

Some Instagram follower apps do use bots instead of having a follower follow the account directly. If you happen to use the bot service to boost your followers and likes, your account will be hurt badly since the Instagram algorithm can ban accounts followed by many bots for certain periods or block the account indefinitely. TopFollow avoids such risks by helping you gain followers naturally without adding bots.

How to Use TopFollow App in Simple Steps

Here are the pretty easy steps to get a lot of free Instagram followers and likes with TopFollow app/APK

Use Top Follow app

1. Download TopFollow for Android or iOS and install it.

2. Open the app and add your account with your account name and password.

3. Navigate to the Free Coins section and run the plan like getting 1000 followers with coins.

4. When finished, you will see your profile skyrocket.

Use Top Follow APK

1. Open your browser and download TopFollow APK file from, the only official website of TopFollow. You can also click here to download TopFollow APK directly.

2. Open Android Settings and go to Privacy or Security.

3. Tap and enable Allow Unknown Sources.

4. Go to your Android downloads and tap the APK file.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install.

6. Follow the steps like using TopFollow app to get a lot of followers and likes for free.

TopFollow App/APK - FAQs

Is TopFollow app version better than APK version?

Like many other Instagram growth tools, TopFollow provides APK to users in case they fail to download the app in Google Play Store or App Store. TopFollow APK also allows you to use all the features of TopFollow. And it’s easy to download and install. However, there are some other websites or platform that offers the APK download link which may contain the virus. So, there will be risks if you accidentally download the shady or fake version. Check it carefully before you start installing it.

Can I use TopFollow for PC?

Unfortunately, there is no PC version available. If you want to use an Instagram-increasing tool on your PC. You can choose another follower Application like GetInsita which offers free Instagram likes and followers.

Is it safe to provide my password to TopFollow app?

Technically, it’s not safe to provide your IG password to any third-party app. If you want to make sure your account will not be hacked, you can choose another followers app like GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+ which will not ask for your password. You can use it to hack many followers and likes without password.

Where to get TopFollow app unlimited coins code or coupon?

You can easily tap the keywords like “TopFollow app unlimited coins code” into Google and search it. You will get a list of Codes or Coupons. Then you can copy and paste them into your TopFollow app. Please note that it’s not 100% working. It may be outdated or expired. In addition, you can check the official website from time to time. They may deliver exclusive codes and coupons to you.

How many followers can I get a day with TopFollow app?

From 25-1000. Unlike the fake Instagram followers app which may send more than 10k followers a day, TopFollow only brings real followers to your account. So it delivers quality followers and likes naturally like organic ones.

The Bottom Line

This guide showed you how to download TopFollow app/App, what is it, how to use it and many other aspects of it. Now, you can use it to enhance your Instagram growth. Also, if you want to get free Instagram followers and likes without login, you can turn to other proven apps like GetinselfGetinsita+Getins+. Download it to grow your account effectively.

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