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How to Search Followers on Instagram - 3 Advanced Methods

You can search someone's follower list for a specific user on Instagram within the Instagram app or other free tools. Here is how.

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Since its initial introduction, Instagram has introduced several fascinating features to both its app and website. The search bar can accomplish more than you would think. In this post, I'll teach you how to search for followers on Instagram by name using the Instagram Search Bar or other workarounds.

Search Instagram Follower

The new search box allows you to go through someone's Instagram follower list for a certain individual. If you want to know if someone on Instagram knows someone else or find more fascinating profiles to follow, you can find the answers and more here.

How to Search Through Instagram Followers

Instagram implemented a search bar function a few years ago that allows you to search for a certain individual in the follower list or the following list from any profile. This is particularly useful if you want to know if someone is following or being followed by someone.

If you are not familiar with this feature, you can refer to the steps below:

Step 1. Open the Instagram app (Android or iOS).

Step 2. Go to one person’s Instagram profile that you want to search from.

Instagram Search Bar

Step 3. Tap either Follower or Following at the top and you will see a search bar at the very top of the list

Step 4. Type the username or keyphrase in the search bar to start the search.

This search box, as previously said, is only available in the Instagram app. If you want to obtain Instagram followers through the website, stay reading to learn about alternative options.

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Search Instagram Followers Online

Ingramer is a sophisticated online Instagram profile search engine that is completely free. It allows you to search Instagram users, biographies, emails, and phone numbers with specific criteria and receive immediate results.

Instagram Search Tool

Account age, number of followers, category, number of posts, number of followers, and gender are the filters. If you are not seeking someone in particular and just want to locate profiles in your specialty to leverage your profile, this tool is ideal.

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Export The Complete List of Instagram Followers or Following

Alternatively, you may generate a complete list of any public Instagram account's followers or followers (or a private account you follow). You may then quickly search for Instagram followers by name. You only need a Chrome addon.

You can refer to the steps below to see how it works.

Step 1. Install the extension called Export List of Followers from Instagram for your Chrome web browser. 

Step 2. Go to, then click the extension icon.

Export Instagram Followers

Step 3. In the pop-up window, type the name of the Instagram account to analyze and click the GET USERS LIST button. 

Step 4. When a new tab opens, you can choose to export it into CSV or XLSX file.

After that, you may open the file with Excel or other office software to examine an Instagram profile's entire follower list. Then, press Ctrl+ F to search someone's Instagram follower list for a certain individual.

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Why Should You Export Instagram Followers

Exporting your competitor's followers allows you to learn more about the account, keep a watch on its progress, and steal his or her followers. Once you have a complete list of followers, you can use the auto Instagram follow app to automatically follow them, like their photos, or leave comments. These will create alerts and attention, with the aim that they may like or follow you in return.

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Other Ways to Find People to Follow on Instagram

If your goal is to find more people to follow on Instagram, you can use the previous methods and methods below. 

Use Facebook to find your friends

Of course, this will only help you connect with folks you've joined to your social network. The process is short and simple, however, your Instagram account will be linked to Facebook. So consider whether this is something you truly want to undertake. To proceed, simply choose the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen by clicking on your profile symbol in the Instagram app (those that always mean something related to settings).

A new menu will open, and you should select "Find Facebook Friends." To proceed, you must indicate that you wish to link your account with the social network, which may be undone later if desired.

You will then see all of your Facebook friends who are currently linked to Instagram, with the option to follow them all or choose which ones you wish to follow particularly in the app. Isn't it much simpler to connect with your pals this way?

To unlink your Facebook account from Instagram, go back to your settings and choose "Linked accounts." Choose Facebook (which should be your first option), then click "Unlink" and confirm your choice. The good news is that you may modify this option at any time.

Find friends via phone contacts

Aside from Facebook, another simple way to discover individuals on Instagram is to use your phone contacts. Return to the profile settings option (where we activated your Facebook account) and select "Contacts." The app will request permission to access your contacts and will display all people who have an Instagram account.

You will have the choice of following all of your friends as well as the Facebook process. Only without having to connect your account to anything. Of course, having them saved as contacts on your smartphone is sufficient.

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