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6 Best Instagram Followers Increase Apps Grow 100% Real & Active Following

The 6 best apps to increase Instagram followers 100% real & active. Grow real following with Instagram followers increase app is an instant effectively choice.

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As of December 2021, Instagram has reached 2 billion active users around the whole world. So in 2022, Instagram is still one of the most influential social media platforms. As time passed, Instagram never stops growing to update new features and it also keeps optimizing the algorithm for a better user experience. In December of 2021, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri explained the newest Instagram algorithm via a video on Twitter. What we can tell from his explanation is that user engagement will become the most important factor that affects what users see in their IG feeds. That is to say, the more people like and comment frequently on your posts, the higher your posts will be located in the viewers’ feeds.

App to Increase Instagram Followers

But where to find so many people to interact with your content? Get many followers. This article will share the 6 best Instagram followers increase apps. Using them, you’ll increase Instagram followers and IG engagement fast and effectively.


2 Best App to Increase Instagram Followers Instantly
2 Best Instagram Followers Increase Apps to Get Practical IG Report
2 Best Instagram Increase Followers Apps to Schedule IG Posts in Plans

2 Best App to Increase Instagram Followers Instantly


Getins+ is the first recommended Instagram followers increase app that offers daily and instant Instagram followers & likes as well as one-time IG comments and Instagram views for Stories, Reels, and videos. In Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+, you can try the offered services totally free or pay to buy them immediately. It is available on both Android and iOS. For Android users, it is called Getinsita, and for iOS users, it is called InstaBox+.

Best Free Instagram Followers & Likes App
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  • Get immediate Instagram followers, likes, comments, and Instagram reels views from active & authentic IG users.

  • Try unlimited free trials to increase Instagram followers with no usage limit.

  • Search for local followers on Instagram by selecting the region.

  • Gain surprised bonus with treasure box, lucky draw, daily reward, share & invite button.

  • Deliver in 24 hours for your IG account safety and provide 24/7 customer support.

  • Be protected by an experienced team to encrypt personal data and hold back virus attacks.

Quick Guide - How to Increase Instagram Followers in 3 Steps

Step 1. Download and install it on your device. Then register to it for hack followers directly.

Step 2. Do simple tasks to gain unlimited coins and use them to exchange for Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views for free.

Gain Coins to Exchange for Instagram Followers

Or you can go store to buy coins in seconds which saves your time.

Step 3. Check the task list to see how many followers, likes, comments, and views were sent.

Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ has in-app purchases but no ads. You can try its Instagram free followers trials first if you want to gain likes as well. Because each of its daily & instant followers trials attaches a certain number of likes as a present.

Turbo Followers for Instagram

Another app to increase followers increase named Turbo Followers which also assists you to grow your follower base fast. It is released on Feb 21, 2022, and rated for 3+ on Google play. Compared to Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+, this app is devoted to increasing followers for Instagram only with its every effort, however, it doesn’t offer likes, comments, and views. That may be less helpful than Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ in improving your Instagram account presence and content performance.

Increase Instagram Followers Instantly with Turbo


  • Grow Instagram followers that follow your profile fast and prompt them to like your posts.

  • Offer deliberately created and selected quotes.  

  • Give tips on customizing your quotes with fonts, layouts, and backgrounds.

This Instagram followers app may share your personal info, app info and performance, and device or other IDs with third parties. But it claimed that no data will be collected and unencrypted in transit. Luckily, you can request to delete your data.

2 Best Instagram Followers Increase Apps to Get Practical IG Report

Followers & Unfollowers for IG

This is the Instagram followers increase app which will lead you to the way of becoming an Internet celebrity start from Instagram. It is developed for you to manage your Instagram data and analyze how your content performs, in other words, the result shows how popular you are on Instagram. Additionally, it shows the statistics and insights after analyzing the info from your likes, followers, unfollowers, comments, stories, and photos to help you find out a solution to increase Instagram followers and the account influence on Instagram.

Boost Instagram Followers with Analystics in Your Account


  • Check who viewed your profile.

  • Note you the best post of every week.

  • Show the lost followers who followed you back.

  • Who deleted your comment and who unliked your posts

  • Find out the people who didn't follow you back and see the people who you don’t follow back.

It contains ads and in-app purchases, so you have to pay to access most of the features. Also, Instagram will detect when this app collects info from your account, in this way, you may be asked to change your password which is really annoying.


Same with the above Instagram increase followers app, FollowMeter is also an IG analyzer that allows you to access deep insights into your content performance and followers' growth. But the difference is it allows you to know who pays attention to your stories and posts but is not following you. Then, you can interact with them positively to get more active followers in this Instagram followers increase app.

Instagram Followers Increase App - FollowerMeter


  • See your ghost followers and who blocked you.

  • Discover your best posts that gain the most engagement.

  • Track unfollowers and detect those you followed but didn’t follow back.

  • Check your top viewer, top liker, and secret admirers even if they are not following you.

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It is a paid tool with many in-app ads. And according to the real users’ reviews that they can not get timely feedback when entering bugs or seeing incorrect information.

2 Best Instagram Increase Followers Apps to Schedule IG Posts in Plans


As another type of app to increase Instagram followers, Buffer starts from a new path, providing a more convenient way to post on this Instagram follower boost app via a scheduled plan and instant analytics tracking. It is mainly for small businesses that need a long-term content schedule and temporary adjustments as the engagement data and insights trend changes.

Gain Instagram Followers with Well-Oragnized Posts - Buffer


  • Draft and publish your content for various social media.

  • Plan the Instagram Stories to create a consistence presence.

  • Preview your scheduled posts in one place and gain insights into your post performance in time.

  • Get browser extensions for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Buffer helps you to schedule a post and add a photo to Instagram's new post attachment when it reminds you. But you have to add captions, tags, and others you wanted by yourself which may be inconvenient sometimes.


Similar to the former Instagram increase followers app, PLANOLY also helps drive traffic to your posts via planning, scheduling, posting, and measuring your existed content on Instagram. With the analysis of the content data, you can manage and optimize your following posts simply from a more expected point of view. PLANOLY offers 4 plans which have various limits for users with different demands.

Schedule Your Posts Well to Increase Followers


  • Draft and arrange content in advance.

  • Alert users when settled post time is up.

  • Manage and reply to your Instagram comments.

  • Create hashtags collections and choose suitable captions for your posts.

  • Set your content to auto post to Instagram business accounts only.

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PLANOLY offers 4 plans which have various limitations. It is more suitable for people who are making money on Instagram because the features for the free version are not so useful and the paid version is quite expensive.


This article is written for you to better match the Instagram algorithm which implies that the more people like, comment, and view your post, the higher your post will locate in feeds. Therefore, how to get more people to do this for you is important. 6 Instagram followers increase apps were introduced to help you improve IG growth from boosting free Instagram followers directly to organizing posts in advance, and analyzing the insights later. Anyway, gaining an instant following with an app to increase Instagram followers - Getinself+Getinsita+Getins+ seems the fast way to implement your goal.

Whether you are a personal user or managing a brand or a small business, downloading to try them is always better than doing nothing.

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